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Planning a much-needed vacation to Japan? We’ve got you! If you’re the kind of traveler who’s looking to relax and unwind during your trip, then this list may just be for you. Forget the busy streets of urban Tokyo or the bustling areas of Kyoto and Osaka. If you want a stress-free and relaxing trip, why not head over to Yufuin Onsen Town?

Located in Yufu, Yufuin is a popular hot spring town that’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to relax. They have glorious hot springs spread all around town for you to explore. Aside from these, they also have other incredible natural sites like Mt. Yufu and other scenic views. Everyone falls in love with Yufuin as soon as you step foot into this gorgeous little town.

To maximize your relaxation even more, we definitely recommend staying at one of the beautiful luxury ryokans here in Yufuin. Staying at a traditional inn will give you access to a private hot spring bath, incredible traditional interiors, and outstanding hospitality! With that, here are our 12 picks for the best ryokans in Yufuin!

1. Gekkoju Yufuin


Up first we have one of the newest ryokans here in Yufuin. Gekkoju Yufuin had its grand opening just last December 2023, but it has quickly become an up-and-coming favorite. The stylish interiors mix traditional wooden elements with classy black-and-white modern elements. All the facilities you could look for in a ryokan are here! The rooms are also quite comfortable and spacious. The color scheme and furniture all work in harmony to ensure guests have the most soothing stay possible.


Gekkoju Yufuin is also quickly becoming well-known for their incredible food services. Not only do they use fresh local ingredients in their traditional meals; they also present these beautifully! Like true edible art, Gekkoju Yufuin sets every table as if it is an artwork on its own. Enjoy their delicious visual feast when you stay at this ryokan!

Book It Here: Gekkoju Yufuin

2. Yufuin Souan Kosumosu


Our next pick looks like it came straight off a Japanese fantasy novel. The beautifully curated greenery will have you taking photos at every turn. Everywhere you look, you will be greeted by a ryokan bursting with charm surrounded by beautiful gardens. If all that green doesn’t help you relax, we don’t know what will!


Yufuin Souan Kosumosu is one of those ryokans that has embraced plenty of modern amenities while still retaining their traditional charm. An elevator is available, making it more accessible for persons with disabilities, elderly folks, or simply just guests with a lot of luggage. The staff here are also more than willing to help you in every aspect of your trip. They provide warm and friendly service that you simply won’t get in just a regular hotel!

Book It Here: Yufuin Souan Kosumosu

3. Ryokan Yamashiroya


If you’re looking for a vacation that will really give you some solitude and peace of mind, then this next ryokan might just be the perfect spot. Ryokan Yamashiroya is one of the best ryokans in Yufuin if you’re really craving some privacy. It’s a quiet and cozy property surrounded by beautiful mountains, the perfect getaway spot for people who want time for themselves.

But make no mistake — you will not feel lonely when you stay here because the staff are all warm and friendly people who are ready to accommodate you!


Speaking of hospitality, the staff here will make you feel right at home. Aside from their exceptional service, they also serve delicious meals that will satisfy your Japanese food cravings. Ryokan Yamashiroya also has a selection of 4 hot spring baths that you can access. Each has its own unique character, but all are designed to make the guests feel as serene as possible.

Book It Here: Ryokan Yamashiroya

4. Ikkoten


Speaking of incredible views, our next ryokan is definitely among the most picturesque ones on this list. Ikkoten showcases simple Japanese minimalism in their interiors, opting for warm wooden pieces that perfectly complement the beautiful natural surroundings.

They make great use of Yufu’s natural beauty with large windows giving you access to the gorgeous outdoors. Imagine having a nice relaxing bath during sunset as you watch the sky transform into different colors! Their private onsens have forest views while the public ones will give you gorgeous mountain sights.


Nestled in the mountains, Ikkoten is an amazing luxury ryokan to stay in. Despite its quiet location, it’s still well within walking distance of many restaurants, convenience stores, and shops. The staff will even help you reserve a table at the restaurants nearby! But if you want to just stay in and eat, that’s always an option at Ikkoten. They serve elaborate multi-course dinners that are beautifully presented and absolutely delicious.

Book It Here: Ikkoten

5. Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya


Up next is another picturesque ryokan: Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya! Lush mountain views can be seen from just about every window in the property. This ryokan really does its part when it comes to showcasing Yufu’s natural beauty. It also has a pretty great location as it’s only a short walk away from many Yufu sights. This includes the picturesque Yu-no-Tsubo Shopping Street and the Kinrin Lake. This ryokan is also only about 15 minutes away from the JR Yufuin Train Station.


With 6 hot spring baths, it’s relaxation galore here at Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya! These onsens are the perfect spots to cool down, unwind, and wash your worries away. Aside from these, Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya also has lots of other great facilities like a library, a souvenir shop, and even their own restaurant! Speaking of which, we definitely recommend dining here. They serve different styles of food every night — from sukiyaki to shabu-shabu, and more. You’re sure to get the full range of traditional Japanese cuisine when dining here.

Book It Here: Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya

6. Yufuin Monday


Remember what we said about Yufuin being one of the most scenic vacation spots ever? Well, this next ryokan will let you appreciate those incredible views all throughout your stay! Yufuin Souan Kosumosu will have you snapping photos at every turn. Everywhere you look, there’s a picturesque view that will leave you in awe. Both the rooms and the onsens offer beautiful sights of the amazing Yufu natural scenery.


Aside from the scenery, Yufuin Monday will definitely win you over with the hospitality. The owner is extremely helpful and also quite adept in English, so you don’t have to worry about any language barriers. Yufuin Monday is also within walking distance to the city center as well as some great local restaurants. Overall, Yufuin Monday promises a very comfortable stay.

Book It Here: Yufuin Monday

7. Innter Hill Tsubasa Yufuin


Up next we have another cozy ryokan option for you! Innter Hill Tsubasa Yufuin is a quaint little ryokan located in the heart of the Yufuin Onsen district. It provides its guests with access to a selection of lovely hot spring baths which will definitely come in handy if you choose to visit during winter. The hot mineral-infused waters will warm you right up! Guests love to gush about how relaxing and beautiful the property here at Innter Hill is. It’s truly been made to help guests feel as rested up as possible.


Some units at Innter Hill Tsubasa Yufuin are even soundproof to ensure guests can have the privacy and quiet they deserve. This luxury ryokan is also located quite close to a lot of Yufuin sights like the Yufuin Motorcycle Museum, Kirinko Lake, and more!

Book It Here: Innter Hill Tsubasa Yufuin

8. Yufuin Bettei Itsuki


At Yufuin Bettei Itsuki, you can enjoy large comfortable rooms as well as stunning hot spring baths. It’s an absolutely stunning property that will have you feeling like you’ve been transported straight into a Studio Ghibli movie. The traditional interiors paired with the lush greenery make for one awesome sight. Every corner of this ryokan is also spotless — thanks to the team of dedicated staff who are there to make sure your stay is perfect!


Aside from otherworldly sights and comforts, Yufuin Bettei Itsuki is also very well known for their delectable delights. Guests love to gush about the meals served at this ryokan. You will really be able to feel the chef’s heart and passion through the meals they serve here. Both breakfast and dinner options are nothing short of luxurious, and we really recommend trying them out!

Book It Here: Yufuin Bettei Itsuki

9. Oyado Den Rikyu


Next up on this list is another one of the newer ryokans on the block. But despite being new, Oyado Den Rikyu will have you falling in love at first sight! Just look at that luxurious property. Oyado Den Rikyu has simple yet classy interiors, making use of natural materials.

Here, you can also catch sight of the incredible mountain views of Yufu! The staff over here are also extremely hospitable. They even provide a pick-up and drop-off service for their guests to the nearest station!


Oyado Den Rikyu also prides itself on their amazing kaiseki meals. This traditional Japanese cuisine makes use of multiple courses to allow each patron to savor all the different flavors and textures of authentic Japanese food. Each room at Oyado Den Rikyu also has its very own open-air hot spring and hinoki wood bath, making it perfect for relaxing! Treat yourself to a luxury stay by booking a night (or two!) at this gorgeous ryokan.

Book It Here: Oyado Den Rikyu

10. Nihon-no-Ashitaba

One look at that photo and you will almost believe that Nihon-no-Ashitaba is a magical place. It looks like it came straight from a Japanese fantasy novel! This luxury ryokan provides an otherworldly atmosphere that will definitely make your vacation as memorable as it can be.

The sparkling waters of their hot spring baths paired with the overgrown greenery all around the property will make you feel like you’ve been transported into another world. Staying at this ryokan would be one of the most exquisite experiences you can get in Yufu.

Aside from the gorgeous scenery and calming sights, Nihon-no-Ashitaba is also known for many things — namely, their hospitality! The staff will exceed your expectations with their impeccable service and warm hospitality. This place is also perfect for family vacations as the staff will do their best to provide kid-friendly activities and amenities for all. You will really feel cared for and pampered when you stay here. You won’t even have to lift a finger!

Book It Here: Nihon-no-Ashitaba

11. Yufuin Onsen Toshoan


Up next we have another magical ryokan just for you. Yufuin Onsen Toshoan is located away from the busy and bustling streets to ensure each guest has a nice and quiet stay within the ryokan. If you want some peace and quiet, then this vacation spot is definitely for you. The view from this property is just indescribable.

Guests are in awe no matter where they look since every angle could be a photoshoot. Don’t worry about their location being a bit far, though. The staff covers your taxi ride to and from Yufuin station!


Another thing you should look out for is the meals they serve here at Yufuin Onsen Toshoan. We definitely recommend getting both breakfast and dinner because both are just delightful! The food will definitely become the highlight of your stay. What’s more? They change their menus often, so you’ll have more to try the longer you stay here at Yufuin Onsen Toshoan!

Book It Here: Yufuin Onsen Toshoan

12. Yurari Rokumyo


And finally, we’re ending this list with yet another luxury ryokan that exemplifies why Yufuin Onsen Town is one of the best vacation spots in the country. Yurari Rokumyo is a beautiful place with tons of lush greenery and natural light, making for an absolutely incredible getaway spot. The traditional architecture will have you feeling at home the moment you step onto the property.

Of course, they have all the amenities you would expect from a ryokan. They have both indoor and outdoor onsens for you to enjoy.


Don’t worry about taking evening baths outdoors — the water stays warm throughout the whole day so you don’t have to worry about freezing! As for location, Yurari Rokumyo is actually located quite close to the Yufuin Station. It’s also well within walking distance of Kinrin Lake, one of the must-see sights in Yufu.

Book It Here: Yurari Rokumyo

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best ryokans in Yufuin Onsen Town! Which one are you most excited to book? Tell us in the comments!

Yufuin Onsen Town is one of the most relaxing vacation spots in the country. Here, you can really unwind and reinvigorate yourself by exploring the amazing natural scenery and having your fill of the incredible onsens all around town. It’s an often overlooked vacation spot for tourists in Japan, but we assure you that it’s a actually a must-see area!

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