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Looking for a great yet underrated vacation spot in Japan? Then let us introduce you to this beautiful onsen town in Kobe. Arima Onsen town is especially favored by locals — that’s how you know it’s the real deal! This hidden treasure behind Mt. Rokko attracts many people who want a peaceful and calming vacation. This is one of the best spots to rest and rejuvenate because of the incredible natural surroundings — and of course, tons of great onsens!

Arima Onsen town is also a great place to vacation because it provides easy access to metropolitan centers in Kansai, like Osaka. Aside from its great location, Arima is known for being the oldest onsen town in all of Japan, having been founded over 1,300 years ago! This town has that historic charm that you can hardly find anywhere else.

For all those reasons and more, we’ve gathered just 12 of the best ryokans you can stay in Arima Onsen town. These beautiful traditional inns are sure to make your trip even more perfect!

1. Arima Hot Spring Ryokan Hanamusubi


Up first, we’re starting this list with one of the representative ryokans of Arima Onsen. If you’ve never stayed at a ryokan before, then prepare to be blown away by the incredible hospitality! Here at Arima Hot Spring Ryokan Hanamusubi, they even provide shuttle services for their guests to and from the Arima bus stop.

Once you arrive on the gorgeous property, that’s when the staff will show how they truly care for each and every one of their guests. They will definitely make you feel right at home!


Here at Ryokan Hanamusubi, all guests will have access to beautiful onsens. We definitely recommend taking advantage of these beautiful hot spring baths as the mineral-infused waters will make you feel like a brand new person!

Ryokan Hanamusubi also serves delicious kaiseki-style breakfasts and dinners we recommend you to try. They definitely don’t skimp on the quality — enjoy mouth-watering Wagyu dishes served right here in this ryokan!

Book It Here: Arima Hot Spring Ryokan Hanamusubi

2. Negiya Ryofukaku


For a truly unforgettable stay, we recommend checking out Negiya Ryofukaku. This luxury ryokan blends the traditional elements of Japanese hotels with more modern aesthetics. The result is a truly beautiful property that is picturesque from every angle.

To truly immerse in the “ryokan experience,” the staff here at Negiya Ryofukaku have even prepared yukatas (summer-style kimonos) for their guests to wear! Lounge in this relaxing place while wearing this beautiful piece of Japanese traditional clothing.


Negiya Ryofukaku also has its own selection of onsens for guests to use. Each hot spring bath has its own way of making guests feel super relaxed after a long day out. Negiya Ryofukaku is also located right in the town center, meaning it’s quite close to many of the popular local restaurants and shopping streets. But if you prefer to stay in, this ryokan also serves incredible meals and has enough amenities to entertain you during your stay.

Book It Here: Negiya Ryofukaku

3. Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan


Nope, you’re not looking at a picture of a historic castle. That’s just the amazing Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan! This Arima Onsen ryokan is not only beautiful on the outside. On the inside, it has tastefully curated interiors and incredible facilities to make each guest feel right at home. They have both public and private onsens for you to choose from. Some of these onsens even have gorgeous mountain views, perfect to relax in!


Aside from their own onsens, Gekkoen Korokan also provides each guest with access to the onsen facilities of their sister hotel next door. It’s like being able to stay in two ryokans in one! This ryokan in particular is also located quite close to the Arima Onsen station, making it a super convenient place to stay in.

Book It Here: Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan

4. Okuno Hosomichi


Next up we want to highlight another cozy luxury ryokan in Arima. You may think that ‘cozy’ and ‘luxury’ are two opposites, but Okuno Hosomichi proves that these two things can coexist at the same time! Their classy interiors are never intimidating. In fact, they have somehow managed to be stylish yet comfortable at the same time!

This ryokan also doesn’t miss when it comes to hospitality. As soon as you walk into your room, you’ll find a variety of snacks, fruits, and drinks all laid out just for you!


Okuno Hosomichi also provides guests with stunning onsens and jaw-dropping views. Just imagine taking a long warm bath while gazing at that awesome view! At this luxury ryokan, expect top-notch hospitality from the team of dedicated staff as well as picturesque views everywhere you look.

Book It Here: Okuno Hosomichi

5. Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama


If you’re booking a ryokan for the onsens, then this next pick is for you. Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama has eight private onsens for their guests! You can choose from a wide range of amazing mineral-infused baths depending on your mood. Since Taketoritei Maruyama has such a nice selection, why not try them all?

Pro tip: check out the outdoor ones because those have incredible mountain views that are just to die for!


Taketoritei Maruyama also serves scrumptious kaiseki-style breakfasts and dinners. That means you’ll have access to a wide range of traditional Japanese cuisine throughout your stay! But if you want to sample more of Arima Onsen Town’s local delights, this ryokan also has a shuttle service that can take you right to any restaurant in town! For recommendations, just ask the staff and they will surely point you in the right direction.

Book It Here: Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama

6. Arimasansoh Goshobessho


For a calming and tranquil vacation, we recommend checking out Arima’s own Arimasansoh Goshobessho. This beautiful ryokan is full of the cozy vibes you’ll need in your vacation! The property itself has that rustic charm that will make you feel right at home as soon as you step inside. The carefully designed traditional interiors simply shine against the bright natural scenery. It’s located in a great environment to maximize guests’ relaxation.


Aside from the beautiful views, Arimasansoh Goshobessho also has wonderful hot spring baths for all their guests. With the relaxing onsens and the top-notch hospitality from the hosts, your stay at Arimasansoh Goshobessho will be as heavenly as possible. For their meals, they offer both Japanese and Western options to cater to as many guests’ preferences as possible.

Book It Here: Arimasansoh Goshobessho

7. Arima Kirari


Arima Kirari may look unassuming on the outside, but it’s a complete wonderland on the inside! Don’t let the modern facade fool you. Inside, Arima Kirari has everything you could look for in a traditional ryokan. There are large comfortable rooms with beautiful tatami mats, relaxing onsens (both public and private!), relaxing gardens, and of course, delicious traditional meals.

In fact, Arima Kirari has over 5 open-air baths on its second floor alone. There is also a basement onsen that’s open until midnight, making it perfect for your evening relaxation.


As for the meals, you can enjoy a Michelin-star kaiseki-style dinner that will take you on a tour to all of the different flavors of authentic Japanese cuisine. Breakfasts here are also not one to miss since they are served buffet-style! Everything about Arima Kirari is designed to make guests feel as well-rested and as cared for as possible.

Book It Here: Arima Kirari

8. Motoyu Kosenkaku


This cottage-style ryokan is perfect for those looking for a warm and cozy vacation. Motoyu Kosenkaku is bursting with charm. It looks like a house you’d most likely find in a Studio Ghibli movie, not in real life! But this luxury ryokan is the real deal. It has exceptional facilities — from indoor and outdoor onsens to its very own restaurant inside. Motoyu Kosenkaku also has its own spring water source, so you can be sure that all of their hot spring baths are clean and well-maintained.


Foreigners traveling to Japan may be worried about the language barrier, but you don’t have to worry about that here. Motoyu Kosenkaku hires multilingual staff who are well-equipped to deal with guests from all walks of life! To add to their hospitality, this ryokan also has a shuttle service to and from the nearby train station. They even provide yukatas for their guests to wear around the property. It’s the complete ryokan experience!

Book It Here: Motoyu Kosenkaku

9. Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo


Located right next to the bus station, our next ryokan pick is one of the most convenient places to stay in Arima Onsen! Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo is especially great for tourists because the surrounding streets are best for exploring this lovely little town.

Tocen Goshobo is also especially great for first-time ryokan guests. The staff will explain all the different amenities and traditions associated with the ryokan. They will even give you your very own yukata and explain how to wear it!


Tocen Goshobo has beautiful onsens that have been designed for guests’ comfort. The warm mineral-infused waters come especially handy during colder days! It’s a great way to warm yourself up and unwind. Onsens are also a great treat after you’ve spent the entire day exploring this historic town. Your sore muscles will surely thank you!

Book It Here: Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo

10. Arima Onsen Motoyu Ryuusenkaku


Bringing a few family members to your Japan trip? Then this next ryokan is perfect for you! Arima Onsen Motoyu Ryuusenkaku is lauded for being one of the most family-friendly ryokans in the area. In fact, guests often say that this is how a family-friendly accommodation should be. They have a lot of kid-friendly facilities such as pools, high chairs, play areas, and even libraries! Your whole family would surely enjoy staying in such a beautiful place.


Motoyu Ryuusenkaku also has both public and private onsens for you to relax in. You can also expect to see incredible scenery right from the comfort of your own room. The best part? Motoyu Ryuusenkaku has relatively more affordable rates than other luxury ryokans of its caliber!

Book It Here: Arima Onsen Motoyu Ryuusenkaku

11. SPA TERRACE Shisui


Our penultimate pick is one of the best ryokans in Arima Onsen. They say if you want to find a good place, follow the locals and they’ll never lead you astray. That means Spa Terrace Shisui must be something special since it is especially famous among the locals of Arima Onsen Town! This cozy and charming ryokan is right next to its sister hotel and guests have access to both. We definitely recommend heading over and experiencing both of these ryokans since both have charming facilities and amazing onsens.


Though it may be smaller than some of the other ryokans on this list, Spa Terrace Shisui spares no expense when it comes to their guests. The little touches of hospitality they provide will surely win you over! They welcome you with refreshing drinks and even provide cute little snacks and desserts for their guests. The staff here will do everything to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Book It Here: SPA TERRACE Shisui

12. Kinzan


Our final pick is none other than the luxury ryokan Kinzan. This ryokan has beautiful rooms all around. They incorporate both modern and traditional elements in their design so guests can truly feel the authentic Japanese vibes while still feeling right at home. Parts of the ryokan have also been recently renovated all for guests to have as comfortable of a stay as possible.


If you want a rejuvenating vacation in a quiet yet charming property, Kinzan is for you! Their hospitality will make you feel right at home. The staff is always attentive and helpful yet never overbearing. Of course, we also recommend taking advantage of the many amenities and perks that come with this ryokan. Check out their indoor and outdoor onsens if you want to truly unwind — Japanese-style! They also offer delicious breakfasts, dinners, and even afternoon snacks to keep you feeling energized and satisfied.

Book It Here: Kinzan

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best ryokans in Arima Onsen town! Which one of these ryokans is your pick? Let us know in the comments!

Arima Onsen town is one of the most calming vacation spots in all of Japan. If you’re looking for a vacation that will heal you — mind, body, and soul — then you’ll hardly find a better place than this charming town in Kobe. Make your getaway even better by staying at one of the many luxury ryokans you can find around town. Just take your pick!

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