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Japan is one of the best countries to travel to because of the variety of places you can explore here. If you want a vibrant and lively city, head to Tokyo. If you want something more traditional, then Kyoto is perfect for you. If you want to experience the flavors of Japan, then Osaka is the perfect place to do so. But if you want a quiet and relaxing stay surrounded by gorgeous sights of nature, then we have to recommend Nara!

Located just outside of Kyoto, Nara is a historic place that has preserved much of its cultural past. Here you can see amazing temples, beautiful ancient artworks, and of course, hoards upon hoards of lovely deer. Nara is most famous for its beautiful deer that roam freely about. They are quite used to visitors so you will have no problem interacting with them.

The following ryokans allow you to explore the beauty of Nara while also getting the option to relax at home. After all, a ryokan stay is not complete without an amazing onsen experience! Here we’ve listed just 12 incredible ryokans in Nara with private onsen that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

1. Nara Ryokan


We have to begin the list with one of the representative ryokans of Nara. Aptly named Nara Ryokan, this ryokan promises a comfortable and cozy stay for all of its guests. It’s in a prime location to see the beautiful sites of Nara. Nara Ryokan is also only a short walk away from some of the city’s main shopping centers, so don’t forget to have a shopping spree when you’re there!


Most of all, guests love to rave about Nara Ryokan’s amenities. They have luxurious massage chairs for guests to use. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day of walking. Speaking of ways to unwind, Nara Ryokan also has some lovely private onsens you can relax in. Though located in such a central location, it gets pretty quiet at night, making the perfect atmosphere for a nice long bath.

Book It Here: Nara Ryokan

2. Tsukihitei


Our next pick is another ryokan that truly exemplifies the grace and beauty of Nara. Tsukihitei is lauded by guests as having some of the most attentive staff you will ever encounter. You will be treated like kings and queens! The hospitality is on par with 5-star hotels. Many of the staff also speak pretty good English so you will have no trouble communicating with them. They also provide yukatas (summer kimonos) for the guests to wear around the ryokan!


Tsukihitei is among the few ryokans in Nara where you can wake up directly to the sight of deer. Imagine that! That’s surely one of the best ways to start your day. Located in the heart of the Nara Park, you can see deer freely roaming around the ryokan. Rooms here are also quite large and spacious, almost like whole apartments. Most of all, Tsukihitei has an incredible array of private onsens so guests can experience traditional Japanese bathing right in the comfort of their own hotels.

Book It Here: Tsukihitei

3. Kotonoyado Musashino


Up next we have another ryokan that’s located quite close to the Nara Deer Park. Kotonoyado Musashino is a luxury ryokan that will allow you to see the greatest sites of Nara. It’s only a short walk away from the famous Todai-ji Temple, one of Nara’s representative sites aside from the deer park. At Kotonoyado Musashino, you can also expect warm and professional staff to guide you every step of the way. They can even deliver your breakfast and dinner meals right at your doorstep!


Kotonoyado Musashino was really designed to pamper its guests. Their onsens are decorated with beautiful interiors, smartly designed to allow patrons to have a view of the greenery outdoors. They have both private onsens that are located within your hotel room itself, and public ones that all of the guests can use.

Book It Here: Kotonoyado Musashino

4. Wakasa Annex


Speaking of beautiful onsens, just look at the one Wakasa Annex has. The architecture of the room is designed to give you an incredible view of the outdoors as you bathe in the mineral-rich waters. Just imagine zoning out to that view as you enjoy a nice long bath! When it comes to onsens, few can be better than the ones in the Wakasa Annex. They make sure all of their hot spring baths are exceptionally maintained to provide the most relaxing experiences possible.


Aside from the amazing amenities, Wakasa Annex is known for another thing: their food! If you want a ryokan that serves a high-quality fine dining experience, then look no further. Guests can’t help but rave at the wide array of high-quality food being served to them every breakfast and dinner. The multi-course menus will allow you to explore all the different flavors of Japan. The use of fresh and seasonal ingredients also adds to that luxurious experience.

Book It Here: Wakasa Annex

5. Kasuga Hotel


Up next, we can’t miss talking about Kasuga Hotel. This place has pretty much everything you could ever want in a ryokan! Enjoy the gorgeous traditional vibes with their beautifully curated interiors. They also have both indoor and outdoor onsens that will make sure every guest has a nice relaxing time. These hot spring baths come especially handy during wintertime — just imagine taking a nice long warm bath during the coldest winter nights! At Kasuga Hotel, you can also enjoy nice spacious rooms and delicious multiple-course dinners.


Of course, what makes Kasuga Hotel stand out from regular hotels is their exceptional service. If you’ve never stayed at a ryokan before, then expect to be pampered to amazing heights! At Kasuga Hotel, the staff is very friendly and accommodating. They will go to great lengths just to ensure every guest has as comfortable of a stay as possible. This ryokan is also located near a lot of shopping streets and convenience stores, as well the Kintetsu Nara Station and the famous Nara Park.

Book It Here: Kasuga Hotel

6. Mikasa


If you want a ryokan that has a bit more of a cozy, homey vibe, then Mikasa may just be for you! Some ryokans may feel a bit intimidating, especially if it’s your first time staying in a traditional setting like that. Mikasa makes sure that every guest feels welcome — even if it’s their first time experiencing a ryokan.

This hotel has nice comfortable and fuss-free interiors, as well as a team of dedicated staff that will guide you on everything you need to know about staying at a ryokan! Mikasa’s public and private onsen baths will definitely become the highlight of your stay, and staff will make sure you know all of the onsen rules before you access the facilities.


When staying, we also recommend having a meal or two at Mikasa. You can enjoy their authentic Japanese cuisine right at their own private traditional restaurant that overlooks their beautiful garden. The staff at Mikasa is truly what will elevate your stay to the next level. From the very start, they welcome you with a little matcha tea ceremony during check-in. From then on, they will really go out of their way to accommodate your every need.

Book It Here: Mikasa

7. Sarusawaike Yoshidaya


If you want a luxury ryokan with gorgeous scenic views, then look no further than Sarusawaike Yoshidaya. Of the ones on this list, this ryokan stands out as being among the best ones to appreciate the sights of Nara from. Most rooms have gorgeous window views that you would love to wake up to every day. Most of all, Sarusawaike Yoshidaya even has a rooftop lounge! It’s the perfect place to unwind while getting a beautiful view of the city.


Afterwards, you can unwind in their gorgeous private bath to cap off the night. Sarusawaike Yoshidaya also has a great central location since it’s quite near Nara Park as well as many of the city’s top shopping streets. Every morning, you can wake up to a gorgeous traditional breakfast spread prepared just for you by the dedicated staff.

Book It Here: Sarusawaike Yoshidaya

8. Tenpyo Ryokan


If you’re a foreigner traveling to Japan, one thing you have to know is rooms tend to be smaller here. Especially for Westerners, this can take a bit of getting used to. Lucky for you, plenty of hotels — especially outside of Tokyo — do have more spacious rooms, and that includes Tenpyo Ryokan! This Nara classic has larger and more comfortable rooms than what is common in Japan. Their bathrooms and onsen baths are also considerably larger, so you will have a more comfortable time.


At Tenpyo Ryokan, the staff provides a yukata (summer kimono) for all of the guests. You can wear this to lounge around the ryokan to really complete your traditional Japanese experience. We also recommend availing Tenpyo Ryokan’s breakfast and dinner packages! You’ll be extremely well-fed with hearty and tasty traditional Japanese meals — the perfect way to start and end your day.

Book It Here: Tenpyo Ryokan

9. Daibutsukan


If you want to stay at a traditional inn while also availing some modern perks, then this next ryokan is perfect for you. At Daibutsukan, you can enjoy all the lovely traditional features that guests look for when it comes to staying at a ryokan. This includes traditional interiors, authentic multi-course breakfasts and dinners, and most of all, hot spring baths! Feel free to take advantage of Daibutsukan’s facilities and enjoy a nice warm bath during your stay.


Another thing guests love about Daibutsukan is its great central location. It’s close to many convenience stores, shopping centers, and restaurants, making it the perfect hotel to stay in. Of course, it’s also located next to many of the local attractions in Nara. In fact, when you get tired of walking around, you can just sightsee right from your hotel room balcony! You can even spot lovely groups of deer grazing about right from the comfort of your hotel.

Book It Here: Daibutsukan

10. Asukasou


We’re topping off this list with undoubtedly one of the most picturesque hotels in all of Nara. Asukasou is an amazing luxury ryokan that’s worth every penny. Trust us, you won’t get tired of beautiful views when staying here. Just imagine waking up to incredible views of pagodas and other traditional architecture every morning! Asukasou is also located near the Nara Park as well as other key establishments like restaurants and shopping streets.


The views have even made their way to the ryokan’s onsens. You can relax and have a nice long bath, all while admiring the incredible city you’re in. Now that’s the way to pamper yourself! Aside from the public and private baths, we definitely recommend taking advantage of Asukasou’s other amenities like their rooftop, spacious traditional rooms, comfortable futons, and more!

Book It Here: Asukasou

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best ryokans in Nara with private onsen! Which one are you most excited to book? Let us know in the comments!

Nara is one of the best places in Japan if you want to have a healing vacation. With beautiful natural surroundings, a rich and colorful history, and of course, their trademark deer, Nara is a uniquely beautiful place that will give you a lot of incredible memories. Of course, what better way to pamper yourself even more than by staying at any one of these ryokans?

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