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Looking forward to staying at a ryokan for your Japan trip? We can’t wait for you to experience the amazing hospitality and service that only ryokans can provide! These traditional inns have a long history, and now they have become iconic when it comes to Japan’s tourism industry. Unlike regular hotels or guest houses, ryokans are here to fully immerse you in the authentic Japanese experience!

Perhaps one of the things guests always look forward to when staying at ryokans is getting to experience onsens or hot spring baths! Practically every ryokan has one of these in their facilities. Onsens are the perfect place to replenish your mind, body, and soul. While onsens are traditionally open to the public, some ryokans do offer more private options for those who don’t want to share such a relaxing place.

Without further ado, we present 12 of the best ryokans in Japan with private onsen!

1. Wafu-no-Yado Masuya


Our first pick takes us to Yamanouchi Area in Nagano City, which is famous for its onsen-bathing snow monkeys! Even these cute little animals love bathing in Japan’s onsens. You can catch sight of them in the popular Jigokudani Monkey Park. The best part? This luxury ryokan is more than willing to provide a shuttle service for its guests to and fro the park!


Wafu-no-Yado Masuya is located conveniently near some of Yamanouchi’s most popular spots. The staff provides excellent service all year round, ready to attend to your every need. Their breakfast and dinner options are also a must-try, providing a wide variety of options that will simply blow your mind away.


Of course, Wafu-no-Yado is also beloved for its selection of onsens! Public onsens include one indoor and one outdoor one, the latter of which would be preferred because of the stunning view it provides. But if you’re looking for a bit of privacy, they also offer private baths that are equally as beautiful and even more relaxing!

After soaking, why not take a flower-pressing class that’s available right here at this ryokan? The staff have really thought of everything just to give the best experience to their guests!

Book It Here: Wafu-no-Yado Masuya

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2. Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort


Up next we have this gorgeous ryokan from Hokkaido. With massive rooms and lovely interiors, Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort stands out as a worthy getaway venue for anyone looking to experience a bit of luxury. The ryokan is designed to make guests feel like royalty — in fact, Emperor Hirohito famously stayed in this very ryokan back in 1954.


Once you arrive, you will be assigned a personal attendant who will definitely make your stay feel extra special. The caliber of service and presentation in this ryokan is just impeccable. It also has the rare quality of being near beautiful natural sights while also not being too far off from transport stations so you could explore other parts of the area.


The private onsens provide incredible views of the beach that will simply melt all your stress away. We can’t think of a more relaxing way to spend the night than by relaxing in the private onsen and watching the sunset over the ocean horizon!

Book It Here: Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort

3. Ryokan Konomama


Compared to the other ryokans on this list, Ryokan Konomama may be a bit more of a “hidden gem,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good as other luxury ryokans! On the contrary, this quaint ryokan found in Kumamoto City on Kyushu Island exceeds all expectations.


Its smaller scale definitely adds to the more intimate atmosphere of the place. But don’t let the size fool you — Ryokan Konomama can more than keep up with bigger ryokans in terms of service! They provide amenities like free ice cream, soda, and even cups of the finest sake.


Perhaps the highlight of Ryokan Konomama would be that it provides an absolutely jaw-dropping view of the Aso mountain range! The breathtaking mountains are visible even from the private onsen areas, so you definitely have that to look forward to should you choose to stay in this beautiful spot.

Book It Here: Ryokan Konomama

4. Onyado Yuinosho


Located in the lovely Shirakawa Village in the Gifu Prefecture, Onyado Yuinosho will make your stay as comfortable and as memorable as possible. This ryokan will immediately charm you with their carefully curated wooden interiors and lovely warm lighting. Even better, the staff offers a free shuttle service to take you from the ryokan and to other nearby areas!


Look forward to the free ice cream and drinks they provide for all their guests. As soon as you arrive, you will be presented with a glass of their home-made amazake, a traditional sweet non-alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. If you enjoy it, you can even purchase some bottles of the refreshing drink!


Guests come again and again for the incredible variety of onsens. They have around five indoor and outdoor public baths that you can choose from depending on the kind of vibe you want for the night. Aside from these, they also offer two options for a private bath free of charge! All the onsens here are well-maintained and designed to provide the utmost relaxation for all the guests.

Book It Here: Onyado Yuinosho

5. Kurokawa Onsen Oku no Yu


In many cases, onsen towns provide some of the best ryokans. The same can be said for Kurokawa Onsen Oku no Yu located in Kurokawa Onsen Town in the middle of Kyushu! The clean and spacious rooms are designed to provide comfort to the weary traveler, with friendly staff that will attend to your every need. Kurokawa Onsen Oku no Yu is definitely one of the best places in the area to unwind.


They have a nice selection of both public and private baths, each offering beautiful views of the river and the lush forests around the area. Aside from simply being bathing premises, the onsens also have fun little amenities like beer vending machines and soft-boiled eggs (onsen tamago) slow-cooked right in the hot onsen waters!


Try visiting during spring or winter and watch this place just transform like it came straight from a painting. The Kurokawa area is already beautiful on its own, but Oku no Yu’s exceptional service and lovingly arranged interiors just add to that beauty.

Book It Here: Kurokawa Onsen Oku no Yu

6. Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen


Up next we have a 3-star ryokan located in Kyoto! Located in the mountains of Kameoka, Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen is the perfect venue for a getaway like no other. They offer a convenient pick-up service for guests coming from the nearest JR train station, so transportation should be the least of your worries.

Guests are immediately greeted with a lovely intimate tea and dessert ceremony while also being informed about all sorts of important details about the ryokan — its history, its set breakfast and dinner times, and of course, its amenities!


Their selection of public and private baths is complete with amenities — toiletries, skincare, hair dryers, and more! After a bath, guests are also welcome to take their pick from their selection of yummy yogurt drinks, tea, coffee, or even sample their homemade ice cream.


The service will really blow you away. Staff cater their service to attend to each guest’s specific needs. For example, most onsens don’t allow people with tattoos to use their premises. However, Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen staff will go out of their way to give you some temporary patches to cover your tattoos with so you can freely enjoy their facilities. Ryokan service is simply top-notch!

Book It Here: Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen

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7. Ryori Ryokan Tsurugata


Up next we have Ryori Ryokan Tsurugata, located in the lovely Okayama area! Known for its ancient castles and beautiful historical sites, you should definitely add Okayama to your travel list and not just stay within Japan’s urban centers. Luckily, Okayama also has incredible accommodation options like this luxury ryokan!


Perfectly located right in the middle of the Bikan Historical Quarter, Ryori Ryokan Tsurugata is not only convenient — it’s also extraordinary when it comes to its service and facilities. Aside from the regular ryokan facilities, this ryokan also provides quality massages, photocopying services, and luggage storage. There’s even a gift shop inside the ryokan itself where you can purchase cute local souvenirs!


Enjoy your time relaxing at the ryokan’s public and private onsens. You get a lovely view of the nearby canal, which is especially romantic at night. There is also a perfectly manicured garden that you can visit. One of the highlights of Ryori Ryokan Tsurugata is its meals! The 11-course dinner is not one to miss. The skilled chefs make incredible use of the local ingredients presented in a visually appealing way. It’s a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds!

Book It Here: Ryori Ryokan Tsurugata

8. Bousui


Located in Shizuoka City on the south coast of Japan, Bousui is one of the best places to stay to get an incredible view of the nearby sea! This ryokan embodies every aspect of traditional Japanese design yet puts a modern twist to it. Because most ryokans are located in old buildings, they are not the most comfortable for people with mobility disabilities. However, Bousui went out of its way to accommodate all of its guests — including the differently-abled!


Each guest has the luxury of having a personal attendant. Aside from tending to your every request during your stay, these friendly staff members are also more than willing to give you some tips and recommendations for which places around the area you should visit. Bousui is especially beloved for its award-winning spa. After taking a dip in the private onsen, why not book yourself a massage at the spa? That will surely replenish your body back to perfect health!


Bousui also serves delectable multi-course meals that make great use of the freshest ingredients possible. If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’re in for a big treat because it truly doesn’t get fresher than this. If you’re not much of a seafood aficionado, we still encourage you to give Bousui’s courses a try — we have a hunch they just might be able to change your mind!

Book It Here: Bousui

9. Nishimuraya Honkan Kinosaki Onsen


Remember what we said about Onsen Towns? Kinosaki is another onsen town — in fact, one of the most popular in the country! Here you can experience a wide variety of different hot spring baths depending on your needs. One of the most popular ryokans to stay in would be Nishimuraya Honkan! Treat yourself to a stay at this luxurious hotel built on a historic property with gorgeous natural views.


Nishimuraya Honkan represents the crème de la crème of Japanese hospitality. You can count on the staff to go above and beyond to accommodate your every request. Plus, most of them are quite skilled in English so you won’t have any trouble communicating! Nishimuraya Honkan prides itself on having the best onsen in town. With their selection of luxurious public and private baths, you’ll want to stay at this ryokan forever.


This ryokan also does not play when it comes to their food. Breakfast and dinner are both five-star quality. The presentation is exquisite enough to make your mouth water. We guarantee that Nishimuraya Honkan serves some of the best authentic Japanese food you will try on your trip!

Book It Here: Nishimuraya Honkan Kinosaki Onsen

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10. Ogoto Onsen Yumotokan


Our next pick is more on the intimate side. If you want a peaceful getaway, why not consider visiting Shiga? This prefecture is among Japan’s lesser-known ones — at least for international tourists. This local secret is the perfect place to unwind with your loved one, and we can’t think of a better place to do so than at Ogoto Onsen Yumotokan.


You can always count on ryokan staff to dedicate all of their time and efforts towards making your stay as comfortable as possible. Guests will enjoy feeling taken care of as the staff of Ogoto Onsen Yumotokan offers incredible services. They’re more than willing to pick you up and drop you off at any of the nearby areas around the ryokan! They’re also quite comfortable with English so communication wouldn’t be an issue.


With wide spacious rooms complete with amenities, Ogoto Onsen Yumotokan provides a tranquil and comfortable stay for its guests. You can also opt for having a room with your very own private outdoor bath so you can really feel luxurious! Everything you could ever need is right here in this ryokan — delicious food, relaxing amenities, and amazing natural sights!

Book It Here: Ogoto Onsen Yumotokan

11. Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama


This next ryokan takes us to the city of Kobe in the Hyogo Prefecture! Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama is an understated beauty that will make you feel spoiled and pampered throughout your entire stay. For onsen fans, you’re in for a real treat. This ryokan is known for its unique onsen arrangement.

Instead of having just a big public bath, Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama offers 8 private onsens for guests to choose from! This way, you can have a more exclusive experience and enjoy the hot spring bath of your choice — whether indoors or outdoors.


Dinners are served in traditional kaiseki-style, where guests can enjoy a multi-course menu of high-quality dishes lovingly prepared by highly skilled professional chefs. In case you want other food options, the staff is more than willing to reserve you a seat at any of the nearby restaurants — and even drive you there for free!


Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama also uses a fun WhatsApp service for their guests so you can easily communicate with them even when you leave the ryokan. This communication channel aims was created so that staff can attend to guests’ requests, a testament to the incredible hospitality that this ryokan provides.

Book It Here: Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama

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12. Hotel Hanakoyado


And last but definitely not the least, we have the Hotel Hanakoyado! Also located in Kobe, Hotel Hanakoyado is the perfect pick if you want to stay in a place that has all the vintage looks but is equipped with modern amenities. Set in a beautiful area, Hotel Hanakoyado is picturesque from every angle.

This ryokan has that unique charm of feeling like a special and luxurious place while also letting each guest feel as comfortable as if they were right at home.


Their private onsens are the perfect places to unwind at night, the hot spring waters infused with all sorts of minerals to make you feel even more relaxed. The attentive staff are there to make you feel pampered but they are never overbearing to the point of distracting you from your vacation. Hotel Hanakoyado has some good English-speaking staff members too!


Both breakfast and dinner are a must-try. The dinners are served omakase-style, a kind of Japanese dining style where you entrust the chef to make each course in any way he likes. Literally translating to “I’ll leave it up to you,” omakase is also a fun dining style because it lets the chef improvise the dishes based on your tastes!

Book It Here: Hotel Hanakoyado

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best ryokans in Japan with private onsens! Which one are you most excited to visit? Tell us in the comments!

An onsen is one of the best things you could experience in Japan. But because most onsens are public, we understand that some people may be a bit nervous to try it, especially if you’re not used to bathing with other people. Good thing these luxurious ryokans also have private onsen options so you can get the full onsen experience while also maintaining your privacy!

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