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Whether you want an action-packed trip or a relaxing one, Japan is the place to go. This diverse country has both bustling cities as well as relaxing countryside stays. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway away from the crowds, then you simply must visit Atami Onsen Town. Located in Shizuoka Prefecture, this onsen town is a scenic bit of the mainland that offers amazing natural views that will rejuvenate your body and soul.

In fact, Atami is actually a cultural landmark with over a thousand years of history. Various Japanese royalty have been known to visit this place because its waters are believed to have healing properties. Because onsens here are rich in natural sulfate and salts, they are great for relieving minor aches and pains. Whether you’re looking to stay for a while or you only have time for a day trip, Atami Onsen Town will definitely heal you!

Here are just 12 of the best ryokans (traditional inns) you can stay in this town.

1. Furuya Ryokan


We’re kicking off this list with a truly historic ryokan. Built back in 1806, Furuya Ryokan stands as the oldest ryokan in all of Atami! It’s an amazing feat that it has remained standing after all those years. Not only that, it is still as beloved as ever! With this ryokan’s beautiful facilities and heartwarming hospitality, it’s no wonder it has been able to last so long.

Just a few minutes walk away from the beach, Furuya Ryokan offers the perfect stay. It’s tucked into the heart of the city so everything in Atami is within walking distance.


Furuya Ryokan has a team of dedicated staff members, one of whom will be personally assigned to you during your stay. You will truly feel pampered and taken care of under their supervision. You can ask them about everything — from onsen etiquette, local food to try, to the best places to visit in Atami!

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2. Taiseikan


Just a 5-minute walk away from Ajiro Station is this beautiful ryokan. Taiseikan offers amazing views of the ocean. After all, it’s located pretty much right next to it! If you came to Atami to experience the amazing beaches, then Taisekan would be a great place to stay in.

Located in Southern Atami, the area is much more relaxed with fewer tourists. If you want a quiet stay, then definitely consider this ryokan.


Taiseikan has both private and public hot spring baths for you to choose from. The private baths can be used without any extra fee as long as they are available. Since Taiseikan is located in a less busy area, these onsens are often available to their guests. Taiseikan also has great traditional Japanese rooms that are kept clean and spotless by the dedicated staff.

Book It Here: Taiseikan

3. Shin Kadoya


If you’re looking to book a ryokan to have the full authentic experience, then Shin Kadoya is perfect for you. While some ryokans have incorporated more “modern” elements into their designs and facilities, Shin Kadoya stays true to its traditional roots. Guests sleep on futons laid out on tatami-mat floors.

Onsens are also readily available for guests throughout the entire property. Aside from these, guests love to rave about the traditional Japanese meals they’re served while on board. Shin Kadoya is a very cozy stay that will have you feeling at home in no time.


Ask any guest about the highlight of Shin Kadoya and they will immediately say the rooftop onsen! We can’t blame them. Relaxing here with that awesome view of the cityscape as well as the sparkling blue ocean is all anyone could ask for while on vacation. Make sure to make as much use of this onsen as you can while staying at Shin Kadoya!

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4. Ishinoya Atami


Another ryokan boasting fantastic views is the Ishinoya Atami. Located up in the mountains, Ishinoya Atami offers breathtaking views like no other. You will feel like royalty as you gaze at the incredible landscape below. For many guests, having this view to wake up to every day was what made their stay memorable!


But Ishinoya Atami is more than just eye candy. Like a true ryokan, this stay offers amazing hospitality. The staff will really make sure every guest feels pampered no matter what. They are very friendly and welcoming so don’t worry if it’s your first time traveling in the area. Ishinoya Atami also has delicious breakfast and dinner options if you want to stay in and eat.

Book It Here: Ishinoya Atami

5. Atami Onsen Sakuraya Ryokan


One look at Atami Onsen Sakuraya Ryokan and you will immediately see why it’s one of the most popular and beloved ryokans in the area. The amazing landscaping and traditional architecture go so well together that guests will feel like they’re lost in a Studio Ghibli movie.

It’s also located just a short walk away from the train station. Sakuraya Ryokan has a great central location close to many of Atami’s best establishments and landmarks, like the Atami Castle, beach, and shopping streets.


The onsens are a vibrant aquamarine and very well maintained. Rooms are very spacious and comfortable, decorated with traditional Japanese design elements to make you feel the authentic experience. Sakuraya Ryokan is also known for having amazing breakfasts and dinners for their guests. Each meal is served with a lot of different dishes to ensure guests can sample the full range of Japanese flavors. It’s a great way to start and end the day!

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6. Soki Atami


Another great ryokan in the Atami area is Soki Atami. This serene property makes for a truly relaxing vacation. Every bit of this place is designed to help guests feel as comfortable and as rejuvenated as possible — from the design, amenities, and of course, the staff!

The tranquil atmosphere can be felt from the moment you step onto the property. From the start, Soki Atami’s staff even provides each guest with a pair of pajamas to wear while lounging around.


Soki Atami’s location also makes it a wonderful vacation spot as it’s located near many of Atami’s must-see spots. If you want to stay in instead, Soki Atami also offers amazing culinary experiences for their guests. This ryokan’s classy minimal interiors are perfect for relaxing, after all! It’s truly an all-in-one ryokan that every traveler must experience.

Book It Here: Soki Atami

7. Atami Sekaie


For stunning views and beautiful facilities, you can’t go wrong with Atami Sekaie. If you’ve traveled around Japan, then you know that some rooms are smaller than what people are usually used to. But in Atami Sekaie, you won’t have that problem. All their rooms are quite spacious and comfortable, complete with all the amenities you can think of.


Atami Sekaie offers amazing views of Sagami Bay which stays picturesque from sunrise to sunset. This ryokan is also known for gourmet teppanyaki-style dinners made with incredible local ingredients. They also have a collection of traditional drinks — both alcoholic and not — that pair amazingly with the food.

Book It Here: Atami Sekaie

8. Atami Spring Terrace Hotel


If you’re booking a ryokan for an onsen, then this pick might be for you. Atami Spring Terrace Hotel is known for having gorgeous hot spring baths — both indoor and outdoor so that guests can have their pick. Some rooms even have their own private onsens for utmost privacy.

In Atami Spring Terrace Hotel, the onsen waters are sourced directly from Atami hot springs. They are scientifically proven to induce health benefits among patrons.


This ryokan is beautifully decorated, maximizing the natural beauty of Atami. Since it’s located up a hill, you’ll also be treated to amazing views of the area. Just imagine taking a nice warm bath while gazing at that breathtaking view! Now that is the way to relax.

Book It Here: Atami Spring Terrace Hotel

9. Atami Onsen Yamaki Ryokan


Another reputable ryokan in Atami is none other than Atami Onsen Yamaki Ryokan. The beauty of this ryokan lies in its traditional charm. This ryokan is best for those who want to experience an authentic Japanese stay. From the decor to the landscaping, amenities, and hospitality, you will truly discover what makes ryokans special when you stay here.


Aside from that, Yamaki Ryokan also has a great location. Its proximity to the Atami Beach is perfect, especially during summer months when locals put on a spectacular fireworks festival. As a small ryokan, you will truly feel taken care of by the staff. Their full attention is on their guests, making sure that each and every one feels as comfortable as possible.

Book It Here: Atami Onsen Yamaki Ryokan

10. Watei Kazekomichi


Located well into the hillside, Watei Kazekomichi is a ryokan that offers peace, quiet, and relaxation like no other. When you stay here, you’ll be treated to amazing views of the Atami countryside as well as the town center. If you’re looking for a tranquil stay while experiencing all the amazing amenities and qualities of a traditional Japanese inn, then Watei Kazekomichi is for you. It’s the quintessential ryokan!


Guests particularly enjoy mealtimes here at this ryokan. The staff prepares a delectable multi-course menu made from only the finest ingredients. The best part? You get to dine while overlooking that amazing view! Here at Watei Kazekomichi, you can appreciate the beauty and charm of Atami Onsen Town right from the comfort of your own home.

Book It Here: Watei Kazekomichi

11. Pearl Star Hotel Atami


If you want to really indulge yourself in a classy and luxury vacation, Pearl Star Hotel Atami is for you. From the very start, this place just screams stylish and sophisticated. The modern black, wood, and gold interiors all work in harmony to make your stay feel as decadent as possible.

Aside from the beauty of this hotel itself, Pearl Star Hotel Atami also offers stunning views of the local scenery. Their onsens are a great place to just relax while admiring that beautiful view.


The guests of Pearl Star Hotel Atami can enjoy gourmet buffet-style breakfasts and dinners right at the hotel’s own restaurant. They offer a large selection of dishes that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. From Western-style food to traditional Japanese cuisine, their selection has it all. You can’t go wrong with staying at a hotel of this caliber!

Book It Here: Pearl Star Hotel Atami

12. Yuyado Ichibanchi


And finally, we’re ending this list with a charming little ryokan that’s one of the most beloved ones in Atami. You can’t go wrong with the simple and understated charm of Yuyado Ichibanchi. Located very close to the JR Atami Station, Yuyado Ichibanchi is within walking distance of many of the must-see areas around town.

In fact, you can even sightsee right from the comfort of your own room! Some rooms at Yuyado Ichibanchi offer amazing views of the beach and the Atami Castle.


Yuyado Ichibanchi provides each guest with their own yukata (summer-style kimono) to wear around the property. Their selection also has lots of different colors, patterns, and prints that will really catch your eye. Whether you’re a first time visitor to Japan or a seasoned traveler, the staff is always ready to answer any of your questions or guide you on the etiquette. With a ryokan like Yuyado Ichibanchi, you will feel right at home!

Book It Here: Yuyado Ichibanchi

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best ryokans in Atami Onsen Town! Which one of these ryokans are you most excited to check out?

Atami Onsen Town is a relaxing getaway spot that you need to explore. With a rich history and amazing natural wonders, this onsen town is a must for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a range of luxury ryokans to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Atami Onsen Town!

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