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If you’re planning a trip to Japan, then you’re probably looking at the big cities. Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are some of Japan’s most famous destinations after all! But the beauty of the country doesn’t end there. There are plenty of other incredible places for you to explore! That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to tell you about some of the most picturesque places in Japan that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

When you think of Japan, don’t you also think of Mt. Fuji? That tall majestic mountain that looks too perfect to even be real? Wouldn’t it be such a dream to wake up in your hotel room every day and see that glorious view? If you’re already daydreaming of the sight, then this list is for you! Here we have just 5 of the best ryokans to stay in if you want to see Mt. Fuji in all its glory every morning.

Ryokans are traditional hotels that will give you the full Japanese experience. From beautiful traditional facilities to exceptional service, staying at a ryokan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can only get in Japan. Aside from Mt. Fuji, Hakone also has plenty of other sites that you can explore! From beautiful hot springs to awesome Shinto shrines, Hakone is a perfect town to vacation in. Don’t let its small size fool you. It’s definitely worth the visit!

1. Hakone Hotel


We can’t talk about Hakone ryokans without mentioning one of its representative stays. Hakone Hotel is a great ryokan with a central location and amazing staff. It’s quite close to the boat quays and bus stops. That makes it perfect when you want to explore the area! One of the things guests love the most about Hakone Hotel is its decor. The rooms have a vintage and classic feel that’s definitely part of the charm.


Of course, another great thing about Hakone Hotel is the views! Catch sight of the magnificent Mt. Fuji and its surrounding lakes and forests right from your hotel room. Each room is also quite spacious, along with the bathrooms. We’re sure you won’t have trouble relaxing here!

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2. Manten-no-Hoshi


Up next we have Manten-no-Hoshi! This beautiful ryokan has everything you need in an accommodation. The location is pretty central. It’s close to the Ohiradai Station as well as the Tozan Mountain Railway. That way, you can easily explore Hakone and the nearby areas. The ryokan itself is also located next to many convenience stores.


Apart from the gorgeous Mt. Fuji views, Manten-no-Hoshi is also known for its onsens! They have two hot spring baths that make for the perfect spot to end your day in. Imagine relaxing in a warm traditional bath after a whole day of exploring Japan. If you can’t get enough of onsens, there are also two outdoor baths just a short walk away from Manten-no-Hoshi.

Overall, it’s a picturesque place that’s great for relaxing!

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3. Ryuguden


Our next pick is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ryokans on this list. Ryuguden is an exceptional ryokan that will make your trip extra memorable. First of all, the ryokan itself boasts amazing traditional architecture both inside and out. It’s a picture-perfect place that your cameras will never get tired of capturing. Plus, this ryokan provides jaw-dropping views from every angle. It’s located in a very scenic area.


Ryuguden also has incredible service. They even provide a shuttle service to the guests! The staff’s hospitality also shines through in their breakfast and dinner services. They prepare an incredible spread for all their guests to enjoy. You can definitely try something new here! Meanwhile, the staff will also cater to you if you have any dietary restrictions. You don’t have anything to worry about because they will make all the arrangements to make sure you have an awesome experience.

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4. Hananoyado Fukuya


If you’re looking for a ryokan that has great onsens as well as views, then this one is for you. Hananoyado Fukuya is a charming little stay that lets you have the full ryokan experience. It’s pretty near Lake Ashi and Hakone Shrine, two great places to explore nature. Of course, there are also some pretty fantastic views from the ryokan, especially during sunset. It’s also within walking distance of Motohakone-ko Station, so you can explore the area easily.


Another thing guests love to rave about is Hananoyado Fukuya’s onsens! They have a private open-air bath that the whole family can enjoy. If you happen to plan your trip during winter, then this warm onsen will be even more amazing! The staff here are also very accommodating. They will attend to all of your needs from start to finish. Even the staff members who do not speak English very well will still do their best to help you. You’ll definitely feel special when you stay at Hananoyado Fukuya!

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5. Hakone Yuyado Zen


Just like the name suggests, this ryokan will make sure every guest feels “zen” during their stay! Hakone Yuyado Zen is located in a beautiful property. The building is done in a traditional style so guests can feel the authenticity of the place. The rooms are simple yet stylish. You can choose between more traditional rooms or more Western styles depending on your tastes. Whichever you choose, you’ll get treated to a large comfortable room!


Hakone Yuyado Zen is also known for their delicious meals. Each meal has generous servings to power you up during your adventure. Each dinner and breakfast also varies each day so you can try the full range of Japanese cuisine. Of course, another highlight of this ryokan is the amazing views of Mt. Fuji it provides. The mountain looks especially magical during bright sunny days. Guests love to rave about their experience here. We guarantee that it will be the highlight of your trip!

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You can also get more details in this full review of Hakone Yuyado Zen Ryokan.

6. Hotel Green Plaza Hakone


We’re ending this list with one of the most beloved ryokans in Hakone. If you’re looking for a ryokan with an incredible view of Mt. Fuji, then look no further! Hotel Green Plaza Hakone offers one of the best views of this majestic mountain. Imagine lounging in a hot spring bath as you stare at the amazing mountain view. Now that’s definitely the best way to relax! Aside from the onsen, some rooms also offer clear views of the mountain. You’ll be able to appreciate the view from all angles!


Another thing guests love to rave about when it comes to this place is the food. Breakfasts and dinners are served buffet style. The best thing about this kind of meal is that you get a wide range of dishes to choose from. Also, if you have a pretty big appetite, then it can also be great value for money! You get to try all sorts of incredible dishes for a fixed price. Of course, Hotel Green Plaza Hakone also has some of the best staff Japanese hospitality has to offer. You won’t go wrong when staying at this amazing luxury ryokan!

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We hope you enjoyed our article on the best Hakone ryokans to stay at if you want a view of Mt. Fuji! Which ryokan piqued your interest the most? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Mt. Fuji is deservedly known as one of the most iconic symbols of Japan. Not only a beautiful sight, it’s also an important cultural spot for the people of Japan. Both tourists and locals have great fondness for this amazing natural wonder. By staying at one of these ryokans, you won’t even have to leave your room to get a glimpse of its beauty!

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