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If you went to Japan to see Mt. Fuji, staying in the Fujikawaguchiko area is a n0-brainer. This beautiful resort town is located right in the northern foothills of the most iconic mountain in all of Japan, so you can expect to see beautiful views no matter where you look! The Fujikawaguchiko area also has the Yoshida Trail if you want to climb up Mt. Fuji. This area surrounds Kawaguchi Lake, one of the “Fuji Five Lakes” that offer spectacular views of the mountain.

With tons of hot springs, golf courses, ropeways, hiking trails, observation decks, and more, the Fujikawaguchiko area is one of the best places to experience Japan’s natural beauty. But if you’re a bit of a homebody, you can still enjoy the beauty of Fujikawaguchiko right from the comfort of your own room — you just have to find the right ryokan!

For today’s article, we’ll be telling you all about Fufu Kawaguchiko Ryokan, one of the best place you can stay in when you’re in the area!

History & Concept


The team behind Fufu Kawaguchiko designed this place with a particular purpose in mind: it’s a place to “sense time” and appreciate the “story of the four seasons.” Every aspect of Fufu Kawaguchiko — from its design, location, facilities, and service — has been crafted to offer a luxurious safe haven for the guests.

This ryokan is truly one of the best places to stay if you want to relax and reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul. The serene surroundings, quiet atmosphere, and idyllic location are all perfect for reconnecting with nature. Trust us, in Fufu Kawaguchiko, you will experience relaxation like no other.

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Truly one of the best parts about this ryokan is its location. It’s located strategically so that you can both sense and see the Mt. Fuji view from multiple angles. Even when the weather is cloudy, the majestic presence of the iconic mountain can be felt throughout the property. Fufu Kawaguchiko is also located near Kawaguchi Lake, so guests have plenty of sightseeing opportunities when they stay here.

This ryokan has somehow mastered the art of having incredible views while also being quite secluded. Because it’s located deep within a valley, there is that sense of privacy and secrecy that guests really enjoy since it makes their vacations more peaceful. But even with such a “hidden” location, spectacular views of Mt. Fuji can still be seen everywhere.

Fufu Kawaguchiko is truly a scenic paradise that will win the hearts of anyone who stays here. We guarantee you’ll never get tired of that view!

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Ryokan Facilities


While we’re sure you’ll be more than content just lounging in your room and staring at the views, Fufu Kawaguchiko has gone the extra mile to make sure guests also have plenty of other things they could do and experience when staying here. The ryokan’s facilities are top-notch, decorated in a classy yet cozy aesthetic that can make you feel right at home. They have a lobby lounge, a terrace, and a garden where guests can relax. If you want something to drink, they also have a sophisticated bar set up just for you.

To really maximize your relaxation, we recommend heading over to their in-house spa! They have plenty of services — from massages to facials — to make you feel as pampered as possible. Fufu Kawaguchiko also provides their guests with bikes that they can use to explore the town nearby. In the Fujikawaguchiko area, any route you take is the scenic route!

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One of the best parts about staying in a ryokan is getting an onsen all to yourself! Here at Fufu Kawaguchiko, guests can experience private hot spring baths that have been designed for ultimate relaxation. These open-air baths are designed to be a multi-sensory experience. Enjoy the birdsong, the cool breeze, and the rich aroma that radiates from the nearby forests as you have a warm and relaxing bath.

Fufu Kawaguchiko’s onsens are lined with volcanic stones straight from Mt. Fuji. The waters also warm up gradually to soothe your body slowly but surely. Like with all the other aspects of this ryokan, the onsens boast of the natural beauty of the local area.

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Each and every one of Fufu Kawaguchiko’s rooms is spacious, clean, and comfortable to boot. Best of all? Each room has an outdoor lounge that allows you to appreciate the stunning views of the Fujikawaguchiko area! Fufu Kawaguchi has designed their property in such a way that every room offers magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and its surrounding lakes and forests.

You’ll hardly want to leave your room if it’s this comfortable! Each aspect has been carefully curated to make sure each guest has the best experience. Some rooms also feature open-air natural onsens where you can relax privately while soaking in the sights.

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Fufu Kawaguchiko’s main ethos is to honor its local environment. We’ve seen this in how they designed their property, facilities, and even onsens! The beauty of Fujikawaguchiko once again takes center stage in this ryokan’s menu. Fufu Kawaguchiko uses only local and seasonal ingredients to craft an unforgettable dining experience for their guests.

What awaits you is a multiple-course meal that will keep you full well into the next day! Breakfasts and dinners both range between 9-12 courses. You will definitely feel like royalty as you are served delectable dishes one after another — a feast for the eyes, nose, and tastebuds.

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We hope you enjoyed this review of Fufu Kawaguchiko ryokan! Which part of this place stands out to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

Mt. Fuji is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan for a reason. It’s a timeless beauty that will always wow you in real life no matter how many photos you’ve seen online. The area surrounding this great mountain is another peaceful paradise perfect for a relaxing getaway. To truly appreciate Japan’s rich natural wonders, head on over to Fujikawaguchiko and book a night (or two) at Fufu Kawaguchiko.

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