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In Kyoto, you’ll never run out of amazing hotels and ryokans to choose from. Whether you want something ultra-modern or something very cozy and traditional, this city is perfect for exploring the wide range of what Japanese hospitality has to offer. At the same time, we know it can get quite overwhelming when faced with so many amazing choices!

For this article, we’ll be spotlighting one of the most highly beloved ryokans in Kyoto: Fufu Kyoto! If you want incredible ambiance, beautifully curated interior design, and amazing natural amenities, then this ryokan is absolutely perfect for you. The best part? For how fantastic this ryokan looks, you’ll be shocked at how affordable it is!

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the elegant and understated beauty of Fufu Kyoto.

History & Concept


For many people, they go on vacation to feel relaxed and at peace — to be zen. If you’re one of those people, then Fufu Kyoto is perfect for you! This is an incredible property that fuses modern amenities with more traditional Japanese cultural influences. Every single aspect of Fufu Kyoto was carefully designed to give guests the most relaxing experience possible.

The calming interior gives off a relaxing woody scent. Fufu Kyoto is also rich in beautiful gardens where you can lounge and reflect. This ryokan has mastered the art of subtlety. They truly know the meaning of “less is more.” At Fufu Kyoto, you will appreciate the beauty of the natural surroundings paired with the tasteful interiors and gorgeous landscaping.

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Fufu Kyoto’s location manages to find the balance between quiet and accessible. It’s located near many of Kyoto’s iconic sights, such as Nanzenji Temple, Lake Biwa Canal, and Kyoto Kyocera Museum. It’s even a short walk away from Kyoto Station, which makes it a super convenient place to stay if you want to easily get around and explore the city.

At the same time, Fufu Kyoto provides the peace and quiet you would want in any hotel. The area surrounding it is not too crowded at all, meaning guests can enjoy a relaxing time during their stay here. It’s located in a scenic and quiet neighborhood that looks even more gorgeous during Spring, when the surrounding cherry blossom trees are all in full bloom.

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Ryokan Facilities


Aside from their wonderful rooms, Fufu Kyoto has plenty of other facilities and amenities for guests to enjoy. One of the most picturesque ones is the outdoor garden, pictured above. With water straight from Lake Biwa Canal, this outdoor garden is an amazing representative of the beauty of Kyoto. You can relax and even dine at the little outpost, all while enjoying these magnificent views.

Fufu Kyoto also has its very own spa where you can amazing massages and other therapeutic services. On top of that, they even have a small souvenir shop in-house! Here you can get locally made products such as stationary, snacks, aromatic oils, incense sticks, and more.

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Booking a ryokan for the onsen? Then you’re in luck because every single one of Fufu Kyoto’s rooms has its very own private hot spring bath! With huge relaxing tubs and large wonderful windows, every bathing experience in Fufu Kyoto becomes memorable. Their baths are expertly designed to give guests the comfort and privacy they need. The baths are made from local cypress wood and filled with natural water from the nearby hot springs.

Fufu Kyoto Ryokan Review - Onsen

The traditional paper lantern designs as well as the free snacks and drinks at the mini bar all work together to make a complete relaxing experience. You won’t have to worry about sharing the bath with any strangers or booking a specific time! Here at Fufu Kyoto, you can enjoy your very own private bath in your own time.

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As you can see from the photo above, Fufu Kyoto’s rooms are simply immaculate. You can feel the rich natural beauty of Kyoto all around you in the lacquer-colored interior, delicate lattice windows, and subtle flower arrangements that change with the seasons. Each and every one of their rooms provide a calming atmosphere that will allow you to heal and rest up completely during your much-needed vacation.

With comfortable beds and lovely sitting areas, all of Fufu Kyoto’s rooms are super spacious and comfortable. Guests also love to highlight the built-in tea set in each room that you can play around with! On top of that, Fufu Kyoto provides each guest with their own set of yukata (summer-style kimono) complete with all of the beautiful traditional accessories. Talk about world-class service!

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Last but definitely not the least, we need to highlight the wonderful cuisine they prepare here at Fufu Kyoto. They have their very own restaurant called “Ioto” that allows guests to sample the changing delights of Japan’s four seasons. Ioto prides itself on only serving locally-grown Kyoto produce. That’s why you can always count on extremely fresh ingredients maximized to their full potential. Ioto is also known for its charcoal cuisine, serving up unique charcoal-grilled dishes that give off a delightful char and a rich flavor.

Fufu Kyoto believe that guests eat not just with the mouth, but also with the eyes. That’s why this restaurant is beautifully designed with gold and silver lacquer trays, bonsai trees, and beautiful seasonal flower arrangements. Dine at a high-class restaurant right from the comfort of your hotel stay!

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We hope you enjoyed our guide to Fufu Kyoto Ryokan! Which part of this ryokan appeals to you the most? Tell us in the comment section!

Fufu Kyoto is one of the most well-loved ryokans in Kyoto for a reason. Every part of it has been carefully designed to show just how much the staff care for their guests. If you want an unforgettable stay at a relatively more affordable price point, then we can’t think of a better ryokan than Fufu Kyoto.

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