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Not far from Tokyo, there’s a beautiful mountain town that’s just waiting to be discovered. Hakone is the perfect destination if you want a calm and peaceful vacation spent admiring the natural beauty of Japan. This mountain town is known for having relaxing hot spring resorts that will surely rejuvenate anyone who bathes in them. After all, their waters are infused with all sorts of nourishing minerals and nutrients!

If there is one thing Hakone is best known for, it has to be the views of the iconic Mt. Fuji. This volcano has become one of the most recognizable landmarks in Japan. No matter how majestic it looks in photos, nothing can compare to seeing it in real life. One ryokan in Hakone offers amazing views of Mt. Fuji: Hakone Yuyado Zen Ryokan!

For this article, we’ll deep dive into everything you need to know about Hakone Yuyado Zen. It’s one of the best ryokans you can book in Hakone!

History & Concept


Clad in a striking black facade, Hakone Yuyado Zen stands out among the lush greenery and vibrant natural surroundings of the area. While it looks a bit unassuming on the outside, inside it’s a spacious and comfortable ryokan that combines both modern and traditional sensibilities. You’ll be able to see repetitions of the black-and-gold motifs even within some of the ryokan’s own rooms and facilities.

Best of all? Hakone Yuyado Zen is relatively more affordable than other ryokans nearby. For the quality of service you’ll be getting, we do not doubt that every Yen you spend here will be worth it!

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Hakone Yuyado Zen’s location may be one of the best things about it. It’s set in an extremely calm environment that offers amazing picturesque views no matter where you look. Four rooms here offer views of Mt. Fuji itself, but the weather has to be clear and sunny. If you’re lucky enough to book during the perfect time, then you’ll be treated to stunning views every time you wake up!

This ryokan is also quite close to some of Hakone Town’s attractions like the Owakudani Ropeway and Lake Ashi. It’s within walking distance to Ubako Station which also makes it pretty convenient for exploring the area.

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Ryokan Facilities


Aside from the usual amenities you can find in a ryokan, Hakone Yuyado Zen also offers its guests a lot of other facilities to maximize their stay. They have their very own coffee shop where you can relax and enjoy a nice local blend. They also have an evening bar where you can enjoy traditional drinks and awesome cocktails.

One of the best features of Hakone Yuyado Zen is their rooftop lounge! Just imagine taking a break there as you stare at the amazing picture-perfect view right in front of you. This place is perfect for reading a book, having a drink, or simply spending quality time with your travel buddies.

Hakone Yuyado Zen is also celebrated for their personalized service. The staff will go out of their way to pick up and drop off their guests from the bus stop or the train station — just give them a call to arrange this! The staff would also be more than happy to tell you about the best local establishments — from restaurants, bars, and even attractions that you have to try.

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What’s a ryokan without an onsen? For most guests, this is the part they look forward to the most. You’ll be pleased to know that Hakone Yuyado Zen has a beautiful private hot spring bath that’s open for all of their guests to use. Drawn straight from Owakudani springs, the warm waters have been known to treat cuts, burns, chronic dermatitis, sore muscles and joins, stiff joints, fatigue, and more. You’ll feel like a completely different person after your first bath!

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At Hakone Yuyado Zen, you can have your choice between Western-style and traditional-style rooms. Whichever you choose, we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic stay. At this ryokan, all rooms are quite spacious with a lot of free amenities for you to take home. They even provide guests with their very own traditional slippers and socks!

Each room is also equipped with a complimentary bar as well as a partial outdoor bath with an amazing view. Hakone Yuyado Zen has four rooms that offer beautiful views of Mt. Fuji, so make sure to book these when you get the chance.

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Lastly, it would be a missed opportunity if we did not highlight Hakone Yuyado Zen’s cuisine. Here, you can enjoy a world-class multi-course dinner right in the comfort of your own room. This ryokan uses only the finest of ingredients in their menu. They are especially known for their high-quality A5-grade Fujiyama Wagyu. Expect each bite of beef to be tender, succulent, and nothing like you’ve ever tried before.

Hakone Yuyado Zen also utilizes freshly caught seafood from Sagami and Suruga Bay, as well as fresh vegetables harvested from Seisho and Hakone-seiroku. If you’ve never had a kaiseki-style meal before, then you’ll be blown away with the sheer volume and quality of food that this ryokan will deliver. Guests are more than satisfied after having a filling breakfast and dinner right in this ryokan.

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We hope you enjoyed our guide to one of the best ryokans in Hakone! Which part of this ryokan intrigued you the most?

Hakone Yuyado Zen is a top-notch ryokan that offers exceptional service, amazing facilities, spectactular views, and even mouthwatering cuisine — all without breaking the bank. Staying here would definitely be the cherry on top of your Hakone trip.

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