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Within Hakone’s serene landscape, Ajisai is a sanctuary uniting both comfort and culture. This ryokan offers an immersive experience of Japanese culture, hospitality, and tradition. It’s one of the better known traditional inns in the area, and for good reason!

Each aspect of the ryokan reflects the richness of Japanese tradition. They’re rooted in Hakone’s natural beauty and resources. From delicious food to energizing onsen, there’s a lot to explore and experience.

In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into the ryokan’s unique facilities and services. We’ll be giving you the full details on their rooms, hot spring baths, cuisine, and more!

Want to know why Ajisai Ryokan makes such a worthwhile getaway? Keep reading to find out more.

History & Concept

Ajisai Ryokan Room

Ajisai Onsen Ryokan is where comfort, tradition, and nature meet. It provides a tranquil retreat for weary guests. It offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy Japanese practices in the comfort of a traditional inn.

You can enjoy traditional architecture while wearing a yukata. On top of that, you can steep yourself in the relaxing waters of their renowned onsen facilities. The hot spring baths will definitely be the best part of your (future) stay here.

True to tradition, Ajisai ryokan also offers only the best when it comes to food. You’re guaranteed a unique culinary experience with their multi-course meals. In each bite, you can savor the local flavors and the freshness of the town’s seasonal ingredients.

Like all ryokans, Ajisai offers only the best form of hospitality known as omotenashi. This involves paying keen attention to guests’ comfort and needs throughout their stay.

Ajisai stands out among the ryokans in Hakone because of its distinguished services. In 2022, the Japanese Government certified Ajisai as the Best Private Onsen in Hakone! Ajisai also received recognition for being in the Top 3 Private Onsen in all of Japan during the same year.

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Ajisai Ryokan Nature

Ajisai Ryokan is located in the heart of Hakone. The surrounding mountains supply Ajisai with scenic views and hot spring water. Ajisai’s ryokan location makes it perfect to relax in and explore Japan’s most famous onsen town.

The ryokan is also near famous spots like the Hakone Open-Air Museum (3.6km) and Lake Ashi (2 km). If you want to better enjoy the beauty of nature, visit Owakudani (7 km). This “boiling valley” is a natural attraction with active sulfur vents and hot springs.

If you’re coming from Tokyo, you can reach Ajisai Ryokan by train via the Odakyu Line in Shinjuku. Ride the train all the way to Hakone-Yumoto station. From there, you can get to the ryokan by bus or by taxi.

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Ryokan Facilities

Ajisai Ryokan Picnic

Ajisai Ryokan’s facilities guarantee a well-rounded and rejuvenating experience. The ryokan has a peaceful garden you can explore within the vicinity. There’s also a picnic area where you can appreciate the surrounding nature.

Ajisai Ryokan View

Indoors, the ryokan also has a lounge and dining area where you can see views of the garden. We guarantee you’ll find yourself melting into the comfort and serenity of the place.

Good news, because you can also bring your pets to the ryokan for an additional fee. What better way to relax in one of Hakone’s best ryokans than with your furry companion?

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Ajisai Ryokan Open Air Bath 2

Ajisai Ryokan offers both private and communal hot spring baths. The onsen taps into the region’s surrounding geothermal springs. This means that bathing in any of Ajisai’s onsen promises a naturally therapeutic soak.

You can enjoy the onsen both indoors and outdoors as well. Their open air bath gives you a full view of the traditional Japanese garden. Meanwhile, their indoor baths offer a more ambient and intimate bathing experience.

Ajisai Ryokan Indoor Bath 2

Their onsen boasts a lot of health benefits. Even a quick soak can relax your muscles and improve circulation. A hot spring bath may just be what you need to wash all that stress away.

When you’re visiting, make sure to take a long and relaxing dip into Ajisai’s onsen. It’s an experience you simply can’t miss while you’re staying in any ryokan in Hakone. Trust us, it’ll be the highlight of your holiday.

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Ajisai Ryokan Room 4

All the rooms at the ryokan feature traditional Japanese architecture and design. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by tatami mats, sliding fusuma doors, and minimalist decor. You can opt to rent a room with a bed or choose to spend the night in a futon.

From the windows, you can also see views of the surrounding gardens. Some rooms also offer a view of Hakone’s quaint streets.

Ajisai Ryokan Room 3

Each room has linen and towels ready to be used by guests. Beyond that, they have yukatas you can wear while you’re walking around the ryokan.

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Ajisai Ryokan Cuisine

To complete the experience, you can enjoy local culinary treats during your stay. The ryokan serves traditional kaiseki meals reflecting local culinary artistry and specialties. Kaiseki meals are meticulous multi-course dinners made with seasonal ingredients.

These meals are both a feast for your eyes and your taste buds. You can enjoy a variety of Japanese delicacies all in one sitting. They serve favorites like tempura, grilled fish, and their signature miso soup.

Ajisai Ryokan Cuisine 2

The meals they prepare may also change depending on the season. This means all the ingredients they use are fresh and high quality. These meals are the perfect way to start and end your holiday at Ajisai Ryokan.

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If you’re looking for a quaint and relaxing ryokan in Hakone, Ajisai Ryokan is your best bet. Staying in Ajisai Ryokan promises both a renewing and immersive experience. You’ll find yourself enriched by the serenity of nature and of Japanese hospitality.

You can recharge in their well-received facilities and with their incredible food. Best of all, you can indulge in their onsen for relief and relaxation. There’s no other place to heal the mind and body than at Ajisai Ryokan.

What else did you find interesting about Ajisai Ryokan? Do you know other similar ryokan in Hakone? Let us know in the comments below!

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