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Osaka knows how to turn the party. This beautiful city is known for its incredible nightlife, amazing modern architecture, and delicious street food culture. If you want to go somewhere where you’ll never run out of things to do, then Osaka has to be in your top destinations! It’s a vibrant city that will make your stay unforgettable. From the bustling crowded streets to the iconic Glico Man sign and the incredible local dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and more, Osaka is definitely a must-visit place.

But if you’re craving a bit more of a traditional vibe, don’t worry. Osaka can also hold its own when it comes to letting tourists experience traditional Japanese life through ancient heritage sites, shrines, temples, and of course, amazing ryokans! If you’re worried you won’t be able to experience a ryokan and an onsen because you have tattoos, we got you. Here we’ve listed just 4 of the best luxury ryokans in Osaka that will accept you — tattoos and all!

1. Ryokan Fushioukaku


Our first ryokan pick lets the photos speak for themselves. Ryokan Fushioukaku is a beautiful property known for having a wide array of different hot spring baths. They have outdoor baths that are perfect for relaxing while enjoying the surrounding nature. They also have private baths to give guests the best “alone time” when using. Ryokan Fushioukaku’s onsens are quite tattoo-friendly. The staff will give you little sticker covers to cover your tattoos when using shared baths, but this is unnecessary if you’re using the onsen privately.


Aside from the onsens, Ryokan Fushioukaku has tons of other facilities to make their guests’ stay super comfortable. There’s even a noodle shop downstairs that serves amazing local food! Breakfasts are served buffet-style, allowing guests a wide range of dishes and cuisines to choose from.

Guests especially love raving about the curries served here! Whatever your taste in food is, you’re sure to leave with a full stomach. Ryokan Fushioukaku is set in a beautiful area. Guests can enjoy views of the mountains and surrounding forests wherever they go. It’s the perfect location for a relaxing vacation!

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2. Yamatoya Honten Ryokan Osaka


Many people who book ryokans instead of regular hotels are really in it for that true vintage vibe. If that sounds like you, then look no further than Yamatoya Honten Ryokan Osaka! This amazing ryokan will transport you back in time to the traditional way of Japanese living.

With lots of saunas and onsens, you can relax and pamper yourself while you stay here.Even the public onsens of Yamatoya Honten Ryokan Osaka are 100% tattoo-friendly! The staff will even provide you with a kimono-style robe which you can wear as you lounge around the property. With traditional-style rooms and gorgeous amenities, this ryokan promises a comfortable stay for everyone.


Without a doubt, one of the best things about this ryokan is its unbeatable location. It’s very near Dotonbori Street, one of the prime districts of Osaka that’s filled with awesome bars, restaurants, shops, and more. It’s the place to go for great local entertainment!

In Yamatoya Honten Ryokan Osaka, you can also get amazing river views right from your window. This ryokan is very accessible via public transit, making it one of the top choices to stay in among local and foreign tourists.

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3. Kaneyoshi Ryokan


Up next, we have this cozy ryokan that’s only a short walk away from some of Osaka’s must-see areas. When you stay at Kaneyoshi Ryokan, you’ll find it very convenient to go to places like Dotonbori, Shinsaibashisuji, Kuromon Ichiba Market, and more! This is one of the best ryokans to stay in if you want to conveniently explore the city.

This ryokan is great, especially for first-timers. It combines the traditional aspects of a ryokan while also amping these up with more modern amenities that you’d be used to in regular hotels. With wide spacious rooms, dining rooms, and tattoo-friendly onsens, here you can have everything you could ask for in a ryokan!


When it comes to value for money, you can’t go wrong with Kaneyoshi Ryokan. They provide excellent service and prime accommodations without requiring you to break the bank. And really, every penny is worth it! Guests love to rave about the staff at Kaneyoshi Ryokan. Their warm and friendly service is just phenomenal, and will make you feel right at home from the moment you check in.

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4. Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka


And finally, we have the beautiful Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka. This classy and chic ryokan is definitely eye-catching. With sleek modern interiors done tastefully in blacks, golds, and bronzes, it stands out as the pinnacle of luxury. Rooms are fully equipped with everything you could ever need.

Aside from the rooms, there’s also a spa and an onsen that’s just perfect for a relaxing vacation. Breakfasts and dinners are served featuring a wide variety of options, so we’re sure even the pickiest of eaters can find something good here.


Another great thing about Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka is its location. It’s located right between two metro lines, making it a convenient place to stay in to explore Osaka. This hotel is also just a short walk away from lots of great nightlife and entertainment areas like Dotonbori.

The best thing? A hotel as luxurious as Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka isn’t even that expensive! Guests love to rave about the great value for money they get at a top-class ryokan as this. Pamper yourself without breaking the bank!

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There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our short guide to the best tattoo-friendly onsen ryokans in Osaka. Which one caught your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

When it comes to Japan, Osaka is definitely a must-visit place. It’s filled with bustling nightlife, gorgeous scenery, interesting cultural sights, and lots of awesome activities for you to do. But of course, what trip is complete without a super comfortable accommodation? The ryokans featured here are some of the most convenient and picturesque places you can stay in Osaka. And best of all? They’re all tattoo friendly!

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