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People go to Tokyo to experience the bustling city and the hyper-modern technologies of Japan. Indeed, there are certain things you can only experience in a vibrant city like Tokyo. But if you want something a little more traditional, then Kyoto is the way to go. This beautiful city is known for having gorgeous traditional architecture, incredible cultural experiences, and even amazing natural sights to top it all off!

In Japan, places with great natural beauty are usually filled with amazing traditional inns called ryokans. These ryokans are the best way to experience the “traditional” Japanese way of living — complete with futons, tatami-mat rooms, onsens, and more! If you’re inked and hesitating if such traditional places accommodate people like you, don’t worry. We’ve gathered just 7 of the best traditional ryokans in Kyoto that are 100% tattoo-friendly!

1. Luck You Kyoto


Up first, we’re starting with the quintessential Kyoto ryokan. Luck You Ryokan combines both traditional aesthetics and modern amenities to create a memorable yet comfortable stay for all of its guests. The traditional-style rooms will definitely give you that experience that everyone looks for in a ryokan.

On top of that, Luck You Ryokan has its own collection of onsens that are all tattoo-friendly. If you’re still craving for more hot spring baths, guests get a complimentary ticket to the public bathhouse just across the street!


One of the things that make Luck You Ryokan stand out is their exceptional service. All of the staff are quite fluent in English, so you won’t have any trouble communicating. On top of that, they really go the extra mile to make every guest feel welcome.

Every morning and afternoon, they prepare delicious free snacks for all the guests to enjoy. We also recommend sharing with them your plans for the day — they will even provide you with a city map as well as a list of recommendations for good restaurants, boutiques, and attractions to check out!

Book It Here: Luck You Kyoto

2. Ryokan Sawaya Honten


Next up, let’s talk about Ryokan Sawaya Honten! This homey ryokan is the perfect place to stay in if you want to explore Kyoto. Its location is perfect — located in a quiet part of town yet still close enough to transportation hubs. It’s only a 5-minute walk away from the nearby train station.

Meanwhile, many of Kyoto’s famous streets and attractions can also be reached by foot. Aside from its location, Ryokan Sawaya Honten is great because it makes every guest feel right at home. The warm and cozy atmosphere will make you feel welcomed even if it’s your very first time staying in a ryokan.


This ryokan also has some pretty cozy onsens that are free for the guests to use. Some ryokans require tattooed guests to cover their ink with patches, but that isn’t necessary for Ryokan Sawaya Honten. They accept everyone — from those with no tattoos at all to people with full-on sleeves!

The best part? Ryokan Sawaya Honten is relatively more affordable than some of the other luxury ryokans you can find in Kyoto. Here, you can get a perfectly relaxing experience without breaking the bank!

Book It Here: Ryokan Sawaya Honten

3. Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo


Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque ryokans on this list. Just look at those pictures! Doesn’t that just make you want to book a trip to Kyoto immediately? This luxury ryokan exudes beauty in every corner.

From the entryway to the immaculately manicured gardens to the beautifully curated rooms, it seems like every spot of Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo is photoshoot-ready! The staff even provides each guest with a yukata (summer-style kimono) of their own, which you can wear to lounge around the property or take photos in.


Its location is also great. Like the name suggests, this ryokan is super close to Nanzenji Temple, one of the must-see sights in Kyoto. It’s also surrounded with lots of amazing local shops, cafes, and restaurants that you need to check out — including the trendy Blue Bottle Coffee!

On top of that, Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo has a wide variety of different onsens to satisfy the guests. You can freely use these onsens with other guests, or you can book a private session of your own. These private sessions are especially favored by people with noticeable tattoos!

Book It Here: Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo

4. Momijiya Honkan Takaosansou


Our next ryokan is perfect if you want some memorable cultural experiences. Each guest is given a beautiful yukata set that will definitely make you enjoy your trip even more. Like depicted in the photo above, kaiseki dinners are also available. These multi-course dinners feature traditional meals made with fresh local ingredients and incredible techniques. They’re definitely a must-try!

Momijiya Honkan Takaosansou is a beautiful traditional ryokan known especially for its amazing onsens. Their open-air baths have incredible mountain views for you to relax to. This ryokan has great natural surroundings, as well as large windows to appreciate them from. The location itself is enough to make you relax instantly!


Momijiya Honkan Takaosansou also offers its guests with free shuttle service to 2 different train stations. We definitely recommend taking advantage of this so you can explore Kyoto better! The staff at Momijiya Honkan Takaosansou are very warm and welcoming. They will make you feel right at home with their friendly service and accommodation. They’re also quite comfortable with English so you wouldn’t have any trouble communicating!

Book It Here: Momijiya Honkan Takaosansou

5. Kyoritsu Resort


Up next we have the gorgeous Kyoritsu Resort. Located quite close to the train station, it’s one of the best ryokans on this list when it comes to convenience and value for money. With amazing bamboo gardens and stunning cherry blossom trees, this ryokan stands out even from the outside. Inside, it’s even more magical.

Kyoritsu Resort has 5 private onsens for guests to choose from, which is especially convenient for guests with tattoos. Aside from hot spring baths, you can also take advantage of massages, foot baths, and other pampering activities available in-house.


As you can see from the photo, Kyoritsu Resort is also very well known for their amazing meals. You can have your choice between Western and traditional Japanese cuisines or a wonderful mix of both. The food served is not just a feast for the tastebuds; each meal is also a visual delight!

Book It Here: Kyoritsu Resort

6. Hanaikada


Our next ryokan is located right next to the local bamboo groves, so you can just imagine how peaceful the surroundings are! It’s also quite near the iconic Lanshan Duyue Bridge, which is one of the most must-see spots in Kyoto. Hanaikada is an amazing luxury ryokan with a rich architectural history.

It’s a true heritage house that’s also surrounded by buildings with similar histories. The entire location of this ryokan is just to die for — definitely perfect for a relaxing and picturesque vacation! With large comfortable bedrooms, spotless bathrooms, and amazing onsens, Hanaikada is the quintessential ryokan.


Dinners and breakfasts are served with multiple courses, all aimed to provide you with a traditional Japanese dining experience. Hanaikada’s meals will definitely push you to try all sorts of different things, so we definitely recommend availing these especially if you’re interested in the local cuisine. They also provide warm tea inside guest rooms — the perfect touch to make you feel right at home!

Book It Here: Hanaikada

7. Hotel Resort Trinity Kyoto


Last but not the least, we can’t miss talking about Hotel Resort Trinity Kyoto. In terms of vibe and atmosphere, nothing quite compares to this ryokan! If you want a stay that will soothe you mind, body, and soul, then definitely consider staying here. With cozy rooms and an amazing array of onsens, you can’t go wrong with this ryokan.

Just a heads up, though. While Hotel Resort Trinity Kyoto allows tattooed people to use their onsens, they do have to cover up with sticker patches that are available on-site. Therefore, only people with smaller, coverable tattoos can use the facilities.


Aside from the rooms and the onsens, Hotel Resort Trinity Kyoto provides its guests with a lot of other areas to relax in — like lounges and gardens. These are some of the best places to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before bed! On top of that, this ryokan is also not as expensive when compared to other luxury ryokans of its caliber. You can enjoy your time to the max without worrying about racking up the bill!

Book It Here: Hotel Resort Trinity Kyoto

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best tattoo-friendly onsen ryokans in Kyoto! Which one of these are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!

Having tattoos should not be any reason why you can’t enjoy your Japan trip to the fullest. More and more establishments, traditional or otherwise, are becoming more accepting of people with tattoos. These 7 gorgeous luxury ryokans are just the beginning!

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