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Planning a trip is one of the most exciting things ever. Looking up places you want to go, food you want to try, and things you want to do just feels so exhilarating! Nothing gets you in that wanderlust mood more than planning your dream vacation. Of course, no trip is complete without some accommodation. Maybe you want a luxury hotel with all the amenities. Or maybe you want a simple guesthouse with a cozy flair. Or maybe you’re one of those backpackers who just want a bed to sleep in at night.

We hear you. But since you’re planning a trip to Japan, why not go with an accommodation that is uniquely Japanese? Ryokans have been part of Japanese culture for centuries. These traditional roadside inns used to serve weary merchants and travelers. Now, they have become a staple in the Japanese hospitality industry.

Ryokans are where you go if you want to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle. All ryokans are done with traditional Japanese furnishings and styles. Most ryokans also offer incredible multi-course meals featuring mouth-watering Japanese dishes. Perhaps the best part of each ryokan is having a private hot spring bath right in your home!

While ryokans can be found all over the country, they are mostly concentrated in Japan’s rural areas. But not to worry, there are still plenty of beautiful ryokans in Tokyo! You just have to look for them. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the perfect luxury ryokan for you — right in the middle of the city!

1. Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa


Up first we have Ryokan Kamogawa in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. Because ryokans like to utilize the beautiful natural surroundings, most of them are found in more rural areas. While that can be nice, it can also be difficult to go to places if you’re staying somewhere like that. Luckily, you won’t have that problem here! The Ryokan Kamogawa has a central location. From here, you can pretty much go anywhere in the city. How convenient is that?


Pair that with an accommodating group of staff and some lovely furnished rooms and you’ve got yourself a treat. With accommodation, it comes down to the little things. The staff here at Ryokan Kamogawa will make sure you feel taken care of. There are even fun little activities like origami and traditional games that you can do! The private onsen here is also a godsend, especially after a long day of walking around the city.

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2 Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu


Up next we have another Asakusa find. Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu is conveniently located near the Asakusa station. It’s also right next to a lot of the city’s markets. Best of all? It’s just a short walk away from some of Tokyo’s most iconic spots including the Sensoji Temple! Despite its central location, it’s actually not as busy as you might think. No, Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu still provides a quiet and tranquil vibe that’s just perfect for a place to stay in.


Guests especially love the facilities here, including a nice hot spring bath and beautiful rooms. Staff will even provide you with traditional yukatas (summer-style kimonos) and slippers. You can wear these to lounge indoors or strut your stuff while sightseeing! The public bath here is especially beloved because even tattooed guests are allowed. That’s not something you usually see in other ryokans!

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3. Edo Sakura


If you want true luxury, head on over to Edo Sakura. This gorgeous ryokan has that polished look without being intimidating. It has an air of grandness but is still cozy at the same time. With beautiful rooms and amazing amenities, everything you need is right here. You can opt to do your laundry in-house, reserve a private bath, or even schedule a free tea ceremony! Edo Sakura makes it so guests will have a comfortable and enriching stay.


Their location is also quite good, being near to a supermarket, restaurants, and more. Even better, it’s very close to Ueno Station. That makes it a convenient place to stay in when traveling! The staff here are extremely helpful and polite. They’ll be happy to tell you all the good restaurants and iconic spots you should check out around the city. Plus, the staff are very adept in English so you’ll have no trouble communicating!

Book It Now: Edo Sakura

4. Hotel Ryumeikan


Up next we have another conveniently placed luxury stay. Hotel Ryumeikan is just a short walk away from Tokyo Station. It’s also quite near to a lot of boutiques and stores. That means you can shop til you drop without worrying about how you’ll get all your shopping bags home! Aside from its amazing location, Hotel Ryumeikan is dedicated to making its guests feel like royalty.


Everyone loves getting free stuff from hotels, but Hotel Ryumeikan goes above and beyond! Guests appreciate how this hotel provides way more bathroom amenities than regular hotels. You can do a complete skincare routine just from their free products alone! Rooms are also quite comfortable and spacious, especially considering it’s in Tokyo. If you want a comfortable stay and a room you’ll love going home to each night, then Hotel Ryumeikan is for you.

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5. Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa


Our next ryokan takes us back to Asakusa! Cyashitsu Ryokan is a beautiful luxury ryokan that will fit your every need. The interior is done in such a way as to make sure guests feel calm and relaxed indoors. Even though this ryokan is conveniently located in the heart of bustling Tokyo, it still finds a way to keep the environment serene. The staff here will attend to your every need. From the moment you check in to the moment you check out, you’ll be in good hands.


Cyashitsu Ryokan also has an open-air bath where you can unwind after a tiring day. This bath is not just relaxing, it’s also stunning! You can see amazing Tokyo landmarks like the Tokyo Skytree right as you bathe. Another thing you shouldn’t miss when staying here is the breakfast. It’s prepared new and fresh every morning, featuring authentic Japanese dishes! If you’re looking for a place where you can escape from the bustling city crowds, then this is it.

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6. Ito Ryokan


Ito Ryokan is a gorgeous 2-star accommodation that ticks all the boxes. Traditional Japanese styles and sensibilities are very well-represented in this ryokan. Each room exudes classic Japanese style while also ensuring the comfort of the guests. The food they serve is also quite a treat! You won’t even have to go out of your accommodation to get some authentic Japanese meals. That’s one of the advantages of booking a ryokan!


Ito Ryokan is less than 5 minutes away from the metro station. It’s also very near Ningyocho, the so-called “Doll Town.” This traditional commercial area offers tons of unique collectibles and trinkets that you’ll want to bring back home. Ito Ryokan provides luxury services without you having to break the bank. It’s a ryokan that’s guaranteed to make your Japan trip memorable!

Book It Now: Ito Ryokan

7. Tokyo Inn Sakura An


Tokyo Inn Sakura An is perhaps the best place to stay for adventurers. It hits the sweet spot of having a good location while also being in a quiet neighborhood. It’s just a short walk away from the Asakusa metro station! But perhaps one of the best perks of staying here would be you get access to free bicycles! That’s right. Tokyo Inn Sakura An provides all its guests with bicycles so they can explore the city in their own way. How thoughtful is that?


Staff will also hand you a map as soon as you arrive. More than that, they’re happy to give you tips and directions to the nearby restaurants and shops you should check out. Tokyo Inn Sakura An makes sure its guests will feel fully equipped to take on Tokyo!

The staff is great at English so communication won’t be a problem. If their helpfulness wasn’t enough, the staff will also provide you with tons of cute and thoughtful goodies on your stay here! One thing’s for sure: Tokyo Inn Sakura An knows how to take good care of their guests.

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8. Ryokan Sansuiso


Up next we have this charming little ryokan! The Ryokan Sansuiso is just a short walk away from both the Yamanote and Asakusa metro stations. It’s also located next to a lot of delicious eateries where you can get a quick (but authentic!) bite. This ryokan is a cozy little gem, a perfect pocket of comfort in the middle of the city.


Guests are constantly floored by the hospitality of Ryokan Sansuiso staff. One of the biggest advantages of staying at a ryokan over a regular hotel is you will really feel taken care of by the staff. Ryokan Sansuiso is no different. The staff here are extremely helpful and understanding. They will take care of and clean your room every day, no questions asked.

The cozy and clean rooms paired with the relaxing bathroom facilities just keep guests coming back to this place over and over again! Enjoy the ryokan’s private bath after a long day of walking and feel your body get rejuvenated instantly.

Book It Now: Ryokan Sansuiso

9. Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya


If you want a place to stay with a vintage charm, then Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya is for you. The building itself has a lot of character. You’ll definitely feel like the chic main character in an indie Japanese movie when you stay here. Rooms are also quite spacious and comfortable. Despite it being an old building, it’s still very comfortable even in the wintertime. One thing guests love about this place is how it stays nice and warm even during the coldest winter months!


Aside from the comfy rooms, Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya also has some nice amenities that you can relish. Their common lounge provides a nice friendly atmosphere for all the guests. There are also lots of free tea, coffee, and snacks you can help yourself to! This ryokan also has an exquisite bath that guests love to relax in. It’s a common onsen but you can use it as a private one if you just wait your turn. That way, you can spend your night in peaceful solitude.

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10. Annex Katsutaro Ryokan


If you’re a fan of accommodations that feel like a home away from home, then Annex Katsutaro Ryokan may just be for you. Located in Old Town Tokyo, this is a charming little spot that’s close to some of Tokyo’s best restaurants and shopping streets. It’s also within walking distance of two metro stations, so you don’t have to worry about getting around the city.


Some ryokans can feel a little bit intimidating due to their decor, but not this one. No, Annex Katsutaro Ryokan prides itself on providing guests with a cozy and intimate atmosphere. All the better for relaxing! The place is also spotless. We dare you to find any nook and cranny that hasn’t been cleaned to perfection.

Annex Katsutaro Ryokan is home to some lovely staff that will accommodate your every need. They’re also eager to give you all their know-how regarding the city. That makes this place perfect for people who are visiting Tokyo for the first time!

Book It Now: Annex Katsutaro Ryokan

11. Ryokan Mikawaya


Ryokan Mikawaya is a charming and cozy ryokan with a great location. It’s close to pretty much everything, including some of Tokyo’s most famous spots! You won’t have trouble checking out Sensoji Temple and other unique shops and boutiques. Since they utilize traditional designs, many ryokans also do not have elevators in place. But not Ryokan Mikawaya! You won’t have any trouble with your luggage here. Having an elevator also makes it more convenient for differently-abled people.


For a simple, fuss-free stay, Ryokan Mikawaya is perfect. The rooms are kept spotless yet comfortable. This ryokan features a small but attentive group of staff who will really elevate your stay! After all, there’s nothing like being welcomed by a friendly group of people who will attend to whatever it is you might need.

Book It Now: Ryokan Mikawaya

12. Kimi Ryokan


What do you look for in an accommodation? Comfy rooms? Beautiful interiors? Great location? Well, Kimi Ryokan has it all! This beautiful ryokan is located just a 4-minute walk from the metro station that can take you everywhere. There are also a lot of bars, restaurants, and cafes that you can explore just within the area. But actually, here at Kimi Ryokan, you don’t need to leave the premises at all!


There’s a lovely cafe downstairs that can definitely satisfy your cravings. Meanwhile, the rooms upstairs are designed for utmost comfort. Staying in a ryokan might be intimidating for those not used to the traditional Japanese lifestyle. That’s why Kimi Ryokan strives to make all its guests comfortable! Guests love to rave about the comfy futons and duvets here, almost like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Pair that with the most hospitable staff and gorgeous traditional interiors, and you’ve got yourself a perfect ryokan!

Book It Now: Kimi Ryokan

13. Ryokan Fuji


Our next pick also has everything you might need in a ryokan. Ryokan Fuji boasts nice traditional interiors, courteous staff, and even spacious rooms. Ryokans in Tokyo have to make do with less space than ryokans in other places. That’s why owners have to get creative in maximizing the space that they do have. Ryokan Fuji is a shining example of this. It even has a charming little garden within the premises!


The manager will feel like your very own personal assistant. Not only great with English, but he is also very welcoming and friendly to all of his guests. He will make sure you won’t have to lift a finger during your stay here. Other than that, Ryokan Fuji is just a great ryokan to stay in to experience the metropolitan vibe of the city. It’s close to many restaurants and shops so you definitely won’t run out of things to do if you stay here.

Book It Now: Ryokan Fuji

14. Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro


And last but definitely not the least, we have the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro! The name itself should already tell you that this place means business. This luxury ryokan aims to make all of its guests feel like royalty.

Each room is just stunning, outfitted with gorgeous traditional furnishings and comfortable beds. The building is quite spacious as well. Best of all, the Grand Prince Hotel affords its guests a level of exclusivity they wouldn’t have in other ryokan stays.


Staff will welcome you with yummy drinks, snacks, and even hand towels. With their eagerness to help and good English skills, they will elevate your stay to the next level. You will truly feel pampered and attended to when under their care. They will even leave you little cards that tell you about the weather so you can plan your days accordingly! If you want a place fit for a prince — or perhaps even a king! — then the Grand Prince Hotel is the perfect one for you. Go treat yourself!

Book It Now: Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro

We hope you liked our article on the best luxury ryokans in Tokyo! Which one are you excited to book? Tell us all about your stay in the comments!

In Japan, you don’t have to compromise between traditional and modern. Staying at a ryokan in Tokyo will give you the best of both worlds! While it is true that most ryokans in the country are situated in more rural areas, there are still plenty of gems in Tokyo that can give you the full ryokan experience. And besides, staying at a ryokan will just simply elevate your trip and take it to another level. Ryokans provide a level of authenticity and care that you just won’t get with any regular hotel.

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